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Chapter 310: Follow Me

Gu Haoyu put down his glass, turned toward Zhou Weiqi and asked, “How is Jiang Yao like If they really quarrel, it is not going to look good on Xingzhi.

Plus, it is going to embarrass Brother Liang and Ruoran too.”

Gu Haoyu understood that Luo Ruoran wanted him to go and check things out.

Zhou Weiqi scratched his head and muttered, “She is really nice, doesnt seem like she would get angry that easily.

But then again, it is really hard to say when a woman gets into relationship problems like this.”

Gu Haoyu understood that Zhou Weiqi was trying to get a few good words in for Jiang Yao.

Zhou Weiqi rarely did that for others, that was why Gu Haoyu knew that Jiang Yao had some positive qualities in her.

Anyway, he still felt obligated to check on the couple.

He agreed with Zhou Weiqi though, that even the lady with the softest heart would turn irrational when it came to the opposite sex and relationships.

After all, the connection between humans could never be fully understood.

“Brother Gu, I am going with you.” Chen Xuyao passed his glass to Zhou Weiqi and went after Gu Haoyu.

They were on their way to the side door when they saw Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yao walking toward them.

Their gazes stopped at the couple, after much scrutiny, they looked at each other and smiled.

Having understood that Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yao did not quarrel.

“Jiang Yao, shouldnt you go and borrow lipstick from Ruoran or Yannie” Chen Xuyao playfully pointed his finger at her lips and said, “I heard that Yannie recently bought a new strawberry-flavored lipstick.”

A brief pause later, he asked, “Brother Lu, do you like to eat strawberries”

How embarrassing!

She knew that Chen Xuyao knew exactly what happened between Lu Xingzhi and herself.

After that passionate kiss, her lips had faded in color.

“Xuyao, Brother Liang is looking for you!” Gu Haoyu stopped Chen Xuyaos shenanigans.

He was pretty sure that if this went on, Lu Xingzhi was not going to be pleased about it.

“Alright! See you later.” Chen Xuyao grinned at Gu Haoyu and ran toward Liang Yueze, who had no idea what had just happened.

Jiang Yao pretended to look at Chen Xuyao, instead she was searching for Chen Feitang among the crowd.

Gu Haoyu noticed this and said, “After you left, she left as well.

Anyway, she took only a half days leave and came here directly from the platoon.”

Jiang Yao did not expect Gu Haoyu to see right through her.

She laughed and tried to make something up, “Im looking for Yannie actually.”

“She is over there getting some desserts.” Lu Xingzhi rubbed her head.

“Follow me.”

Just perfect.

Even though Chen Feitang had left, there were plenty of women in the hall who were very interested in her husband.

Following Lu Xingzhi around was just the right thing to do to show the rest of the ladies who the boss was.

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