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Chapter 31: Brother, You Are So Cruel

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“Easier said than done, show me your tricks if you think you are so brilliant!” Jiang Lei groaned as he glared at Jiang Yao in irritation.

Seeing her chirpy laugh, he snorted.

“Who do you think I work so hard for How can she laugh so heartlessly”

Jiang Lei knew from the way she laughed so delightedly that there was nothing unpleasant hidden inside her.

She was indeed as happy as she claimed she was in the Lu family.

At 5 oclock in the evening, Jiang Jie, who was working in the supply and marketing cooperative in the town, also returned home.

As soon as he entered the house, he could hear loud noises echoing across the house, especially the banter between Jiang Lei and Jiang Yao in the yard.

“Dad, Mom, Im home.” Jiang Jie entered the house with a pack of hot food in his hand.

He took it to the kitchen and turned to the yard.

“Yaoyao, Xingzhi, youre here too Nice to see you, its been a while.”

Jiang Jie was the most decorous in the Jiang family.

He donned a white shirt and trousers which made him look mature and smart.

“Brother!” As soon as she saw Jiang Jie, Jiang Yao ditched Jiang Lei and ran towards her eldest brother.

She embraced Jiang Jies arm while grimacing at Jiang Lei.

“Brother, Jiang Lei is such an idiot! He said that other doctors rescue the wounded and treat the sick, but I will only have casualties and injuries in my portfolio!”

“Its okay.

After you graduate, let him be your first patient and use his body as your training kit until you master your skills.” Jiang Jie laughed.

“Lets see if hell still say that youre a bad doctor.”

“Brother, youre so cruel,” Jiang Lei pouted and complained.

“Brother.” Lu Xingzhi called out.

He and Jiang Jie were born only a few months apart but in different years.

Lu Xingzhi was a smart student, hence he skipped a grade and they were classmates in high school for two years.

Therefore, Lu Xingzhi was the closest to Jiang Jie in the Jiang family.

However, in the senior year, Lu Xingzhi was assigned to the honors class due to his excellent grades and thus, they were no longer classmates.

In Jiang Jies opinion, Lu Xingzhi had always been a maverick in the class.

He was also very popular among teachers and female students.

Before Jiang Yao married Lu Xingzhi, Jiang Jie had not expected at all that one day, his classmate would address him as a brother like his little sister.

Jiang Jie still remembered that before their wedding, Lu Xingzhi had met him and expressed his intention to marry Jiang Yao.

He recoiled in shock and his first reaction was to disagree.

It was mainly because Lu Xingzhi was a boring and dull person, the exact opposite of his little sisters lively and energetic characteristics.

She would even get bored after being with her quiet big brother for a while.

If she married Lu Xingzhi, wouldnt she be bored for the rest of her life

Jiang Jie thought that a man with the same character as Jiang Lei would be a more suitable match for his sister so that they could lead a bustling and entertaining life together.

“Is it busy at the base lately How long will you stay this time” Since Lu Xingzhi addressed him, Jiang Jie exchanged pleasantries politely.

“Two days.

Ill go back the day after tomorrow,” Lu Xingzhi answered.

Jiang Jie nodded and they stood there in the midst of awkward silence.

Jiang Jie didnt know what else to say to Lu Xingzhi.

Although they were classmates, they didnt have much in common among their peer groups.

When they were still in school, they could talk about schoolwork and whatnot.

Now that they had worked in respective fields for so many years, they lacked common topics to converse about.

Fortunately, after a while, Mrs.

Jiang called everyone for dinner.

Six people sitting around the square dining table of the Jiang family.

Buoyant ambiance radiated across the house as it was bustled with chatter and laughter.

After dinner, Jiang Yao and Lu Xingzhi departed to town.

Jiang Jie was to return to his dormitory in the town so they departed together.

They brought along the fruits and vegetables for the Lu family.

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