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Chapter 301: Blind

“Youre blind.” Liang Yuekai replied without any sense of respect.

He replied in an instant, almost immediately after the young Mrs.

Liang voiced out her question.

He was making tea with his head lowered when he answered her.

That was why the expression on his face when he replied could not be seen clearly.

However, judging from the tone of his speech, it did not seem as if he was just joking.

Jiang Yao felt a little shocked after she heard what he said and looked in Mrs.

Liangs direction subconsciously.

As expected, Mrs.

Liangs facial expression changed slightly at that moment.

However, Mrs.

Liang seemed to be used to it already and she was quick to respond as well.

She smiled.

“Yeah, Im blind, otherwise, how would I marry you”

After making her reply, the young Mrs.

Liang pursed her lips and chuckled.

Her laughter sounded gleeful, anyone who did not understand the situation might think that Mrs.

Liang was just joking around with her husband.

Judging by her tone, others might even assume that they were a lovely couple.

However, Jiang Yao could clearly tell that Mrs.

Liang took in everything that Liang Yuekai said just now.

Jiang Yao reached out and tickled Lu Xingzhis palm.

She was afraid that Liang Yuekai and his wife were having some problems with their relationship despite looking just fine on the outside.

“Yes” The sense of itchiness caused Lu Xingzhis hand to jerk back subconsciously.

He grabbed the finger which was wriggling about in his palm and looked at Jiang Yao.

He then passed a cup of tea to her and said, “Give it a try, both Uncle Liang and Big Brother Liang are fond of good tea.

Its rare for Big Brother Liang to have the free time to sit here and make us tea, bottoms up.”

“Im afraid that the one who rarely has free time is somebody else.

Am I right” Liang Yuekai smiled gently and reached out to give the person, who was standing behind Lu Xingzhi for a couple of minutes, a cup of tea as well.

He then greeted the person, “Chen Feitang, you have been standing behind Lu Xingzhi ever since he walked in.

What is it Are you volunteering yourself to be Sergeant Lus attendant”

Once Lu Xingzhi heard Liang Yuekai call out the persons name, he frowned but still asked Jiang Yao, “Scoot over a little to your side, make some space for Miss Chen to sit.”

When Jiang Yao heard Liang Yuekai address the woman in military uniform standing behind them by the nameChen Feitang, the first question that came to her mind was,Is that woman somehow related to Chen Feibai Her name was only a word different from that foppish man.

Liang Yuekai was calling Chen Feitang by her full name.

You could at least tell that they were somehow familiar with each other but when it came to Lu Xingzhi, he regarded her as Miss Chen.

However, Jiang Yao clearly heard the woman called out Lu Xingzhi by his name just now.

Undoubtedly, they had known each other for a long time.

“I would like to but it depends on Lu Xingzhi whether he is willing to accept me or not.” Chen Feitang sat on the space that Lu Xingzhi made and she was sitting very close to him.

She then said, “We used to be classmates anyway.

Lu Xingzhi, isnt it too formal for you to keep calling me Miss Chen”

“Feitang, I remember that you were a batch behind Lu Xingzhi, right” Liang Yuekais wife who had been quiet suddenly spoke.


Liang is right.” Lu Xingzhi nodded.

“So, we only came from the same school and were not really classmates.

Furthermore, Miss Chen is young and promising and I am only a mere sergeant.

I dont deserve to have Miss Chen as my attendant.”

Once he was done speaking, he stood up and said, “Big Brother Liang and Mrs.

Liang, I am bringing my wife to meet the Luo family.

Please carry on.”

Then, Lu Xingzhi pulled Jiang Yao up and walked out of the Liang familys mansion.

However, once they were out of the mansion, Lu Xingzhi did not bring Jiang Yao to visit the Luo family.

They had a stroll around the compound instead.

“Whats wrong with the woman called Chen Feitang just now” Jiang Yao whispered to Lu Xingzhi after reaching out her hand and poking his arm, “You two were acting weird.

Even Big Brother Liang and his wife were acting weird as well.”

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