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Chapter 30: Dont Hold Back

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“Hey, Im worried about you too, alright Ungrateful b*stard!” Jiang Lei glared at Jiang Yao in dismay.

He gave her a second thought and asked again with concern, “Be honest with me, are you really doing fine in the Lu family Does Lu Xingzhi ever bully you How about the Lu family Do they ever bully you Why are you getting thinner every time I see you”

“Im doing fine! Really! Lu Xingzhi treats me like a princess, my in-laws are wonderful.

Its just emotional pressure from the heavy schoolwork, thats all.” Jiang Yao exclaimed.

She wondered if a swear would work better.

However, Jiang Leis overwhelming concern and nagging made Jiang Yao felt sad and apologetic.

The Lu family was lenient with her.

The Jiang family adored her to bits.

She was so selfish in her previous life that she was oblivious to the kindness of both families.

Jiang Lei heaved a sigh of relief after hearing Jiang Yaos reassurance.

He added, “Anyway if you are unhappy staying with the Lu family, dont hold back.

Just come home and let me know.

Know Im always here for you, okay”

Jiang Yao nodded halfheartedly before she spoke again, “Will our eldest brother come home later Xingzhi and I are staying for dinner tonight.”

“I called him when I passed by the store on my way back.

He said that hell be home an hour early for dinner.

The statement earlier really is from him, didnt you guess it all” Jiang Lei said.

“Alright, got it.

Ill go back in then.” Jiang Yao nodded, turning to go back and leaving Jiang Lei in the yard.

Just as she turned around, the view caught her by surprise.

She saw a figure leaning against the wall not far from her.

The figure was Lu Xingzhi.

She wasnt sure when he had come out of the room.

It seemed that he was standing there admiring the scenery as a front for eavesdropping on her conversation with Jiang Lei.

She walked toward the person directly.

“When did you come out” Jiang Yao asked casually.

“Its been a while,” Lu Xingzhi answered frankly.

That was to say that he heard everything.

Lu Xingzhi observed Jiang Yaos expression after he answered her.

He smiled chicly as Jiang Yao simply huffed and raised his hand to stroke her short hair ever so gently and in adoration.

Soon after, Jiang Yaos parents came back.


Jiang held three large watermelons in a basket and Mrs.

Jiang carried a basket of freshly picked vegetables.

After Mr.

Jiang returned, he dropped one of the watermelons into their large water tank and kept it soaked.

The Jiang familys source of water was spring water drawn from the mountain.

The water remained chilled and refreshing even during the hot summer.

Hence, the water tank functioned like a refrigerator.

“Ill go to the village to buy some green grass porridge.

It is great to quench your thirst in this hot summer.

Ill be back soon.” Mr.

Jiang put the watermelon down and hurried out again.

On the other hand, Mrs.

Jiang carried the vegetables into the kitchen and then asked Jiang Lei to help her catch a chicken.

Suddenly, the sound of chickens clucking and Mrs.

Jiang and Jiang Leis laughters resonated across the yard.

“Xiao Lei, hurry, catch the flower one! It is the biggest among the others, Ive been feeding it for eight months now.

It looks so plump, it must be very delicious!” Mrs.

Jiang instructed Jiang Lei to catch the chicken while Jiang Lei was in the middle of the flock, chasing after the chicken.

When Jiang Yao came to watch, she laughed as she saw a few chicken feathers stuck on Jiang Leis head.

“Hey, catch them quickly! Otherwise, theyll start attacking you!”

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