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Chapter 298: The Gowns Ordered by This Unassuming Man

“Aye! Im coming, Im coming!” Jiang Yao took her backpack and rushed out of the bedroom.

Lu Xingzhi glanced frostily at Mrs.

Ge who was still standing there.

He furrowed his eyebrows and pointed at the door unhappily.

After Mrs.

Ge went out while holding Wenwens hand, he immediately took Jiang Yaos hand and they went downstairs after closing the door.

Lu Xingzhi had his own car but it was parked at the platoon as he rarely drove it.

As he was used to driving the jeep at the platoon, when he bought his car, he bought a spacious SUV.

After getting into the car, Lu Xingzhi could not help but complain, “Mrs.

Ge is being too much.

A family member like Mrs.

Ge would only drag Sergeant Ge down.”

Jiang Yao put her backpack on her lap and fastened the seatbelt.

After some thought, she said “I was fuming just now! She still believes that it was your fault that Sergeant Ge was injured.”

“We are soldiers, getting hurt is unavoidable when were out on missions.” Lu Xingzhi gave a cold snort.

“Brother Zhong even sacrificed his leg for the platoon, I have never heard him complaining even once.”

“She is just trying to take advantage since Sergeant Ge is not around.

She is using her child as an excuse, I think the one who wanted to follow us to Jindo City was not Wenwen, it was herself.” Jiang Yao felt disgusted when she thought of Mrs.


She shook her head and groaned silently.

She did not want a neighbor like her.

Lu Xingzhi did not say anything but he was thinking the same thing.

He was planning to visit Sergeant Ge at the hospital with Jiang Yao before they went to Jindo City.

However, after Mrs.

Ges play in the morning, he and Jiang Yao no longer felt like doing so.

Although Sergeant Ge had nothing to do with this matter, both of them were no longer in the mood.

As such, they planned to visit him during their journey back home.

The gown Lu Xingzhi prepared for Jiang Yao was customized by a century-old shop in Jin City.

Both of them made a promise to meet Zhou Weiqi there too.

When they arrived, Zhou Weiqi was already there waiting while chatting with the old Sifu.

“Jiang Yao! Xingzhi!” Zhou Weiqi smiled like a flower and greeted them when he saw them.

Then, he told Jiang Yao, “I saw the two gowns that Xingzhi ordered for you.

Theyre very gorgeous and they definitely suit you well! Oh, by the way, you still dont know, right The two gowns that you will wear tonight were customized here.”

Since she had already given her measurements in advance, she only needed to try them on and check whether the waistline fitted her now that she had arrived.

After all, she might have gained or lost weight within this half a months time.

Lu Xingzhi had good taste.

The two customized gowns were maxi dresses.

One was beige in color and had laces, the other was a sapphire-blue mermaid dress.

Each gown had their own features and styles but when Jiang Yao put them on, both of them were distinctively beautiful.

However, both of the gowns had one similarity—conservative!

The beige lace gown was short-sleeved.

Although it revealed a fragment of the snowy-white skin on her neck, it was still modest and elegant.

It looked even more magical when Jiang Yao was wearing it.

Lu Xingzhis suits were matching with Jiang Yaos gowns.

It seemed like he had already made it clear when he ordered the gowns.

Jiang Yao looked at Lu Xingzhi, who was putting the clothes in the backseat, and could not help but purse her lips to hide a smile.

She tried on her gowns just now but Lu Xingzhi did not try on his suits because he thought that it was too troublesome to do so.

However, she saw the styles of his suits.

The color of his tie was the same as the color of her gown, even the embroidery of his sleeves were the same as hers.

Unexpectedly, an unassuming man like him could be quite interesting.

Besides ordering two gowns, he had also ordered matching accessories for them.

It only took less than two hours to drive from Jin City to Jindo City.

With Zhou Weiqi, the barrel of laughs, the army green SUV was filled with laughter throughout the whole journey.

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