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After a full nights action, Jiang Yao was still raring to go, not even feeling exhausted after all the exertion.

Seeing Lu Xingzhis surprised expression was all she needed.

With her current Physical Strength value, he was not her match.

After showering, she came out to see Lu Xingzhi lying rigidly on the bed.

She tapped him on the shoulders and teased, “Comrade, you are getting weaker.”


Lifting the sheets up, she checked on the condition of his wound, feeling much better after making sure it was fine.

Lu Xingzhi did not have any clothes on after doing the deed.

He lay there unmoved, staring at his own wife.

It was only less than half a month, but something was not right.

He wanted to see Jiang Yao admitting defeat from his relentless attacks, begging for mercy after a night of intimacy.

Never in a hundred years would he have thought to see Jiang Yao unfazed by all the action, even getting up to shower and check on his wound.

If not for his rigorous training and the extremely difficult mission that he had just come back from, he would have doubted his own physical strength.

As a man, he could not stand being physically weaker than his wife.

It was then he decided to push himself harder and to train aggressively after the National Day holidays.

Jiang Yao had no idea that her extraordinary strength heavily mortified Lu Xingzhi.

After she left, he designed an extremely demanding training schedule for his platoon.

Making sure that the soldiers he trained were physically tenacious and a formidable foe.


It felt like the blink of an eye before Jiang Yao was woken up by the suns blazing rays.

Opening her eyes, she saw Lu Xingzhis chest, freshly marked with several red scratches.

She probably gave him those during last nights tussle.

A little movement from Jiang Yao, and Lu Xingzhi instantly woke up.

His gaze was sharp, like a tiger looking for its prey.

Since joining the military, he had gotten used to sleeping alone.

With the arrival of Jiang Yao, he had to get used to the new normal.

“It is still early, get some more sleep.

I am going for morning training.

After that, I will get you some breakfast from the cafeteria, we will leave after you have eaten.” Lu Xingzhi changed into his attire.

He gave Jiang Yao a peck on the lips and went into the bathroom.

After last nights action, he dared not slack off at training anymore.

Zhou Junmin and a few others knew that Lu Xingzhi requested for leave to attend the wedding in Jindo City.

Since Jiang Yao came yesterday, they assumed that he would skip the morning training as well.

Nobody expected to see him there, earlier than everyone else.

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