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Chapter 294: A Rhinoceros

Jiang Yao felt the trembling of his hands after her sudden love declaration.

Before her rebirth, he followed her and waited for her.

Now, it was her turn to accompany and support him.

Tightening his grip on Jiang Yaos waist, he dropped his head and nibbled at her nape, gentle in a loving way, yet with some force as if to punish her.

After a few moments, he gave her neck a forceful bite.

Hearing her moans, he uttered in a hoarse voice, “You are so slow-witted, just like a rhinoceros.

It took you an entire year to fall in love with me”

Jiang Yao touched at the hickey he just made, knowing for sure the mark was not going to disappear any time soon.

“You beast.” Jiang Yao mumbled.

“You slow-witted woman! With this reaction of yours, you would be the first one to die on a battlefield.” Lu Xingzhi laughed.

It took him just one look to fall for her, a few months to yearn for her and a few more months to wed her.

At this point, Lu Xingzhi had forgotten everything that happened before his marriage to Jiang Yao.

She rolled her eyes at him, having understood what he actually meant.

Reading between the lines, she knew he was complaining at how long it took for her to reciprocate his feelings.

She clasped his hands in hers, revealing just how massive his hands were.

Using this very pair of hands, he gave her the life she wanted.

“Try to wake up early tomorrow, we are gonna do some shopping.” Lu Xingzhi hugged Jiang Yao and continued, “Brother Liangs wedding is going to be a formal affair, we have to dress for the occasion.

Plus, I need to get you some thick winter jackets as well.”

“What about you Are you wearing a suit or a military uniform” Jiang Yao asked.

“A suit.” Lu Xingzhi pinched Jiang Yaos nose.

She was curious as to how he would look as he rarely wore a suit.

During his own wedding, he wore a military uniform.

As he was a soldier, he felt that it was the most appropriate attire, especially for something so important like a wedding.

Plus, he did not like wearing suits.

Life in the platoon was boring, with no nightlife whatsoever.

When the clock struck ten, all you could hear was the lack of sound save for the crickets.

Only a selected few owned a radio set.

Even fewer people had a television at home.

Lying on bed, Jiang Yao could hear his heartbeat and his breathing getting closer.

He kissed her on the forehead, and moved down toward her mouth, savoring her delicate lips.

“Hold on, your injury…” Jiang Yao was a little concerned.

Pinned down by Lu Xingzhi, she could not do anything other than give him a nudge.

“Be careful.”

“Just assume it is not there, alright What say we do it again” Lu Xingzhi held both of her hands up.

“I am not going easy on you tonight.”

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