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Chapter 290: Good Ties

After plugging in the heating rod, Lu Xingzhi took off his jacket and grabbed a red packet deep in the pockets.

Handing it over to Jiang Yao, he said, “Colonel Lin asked me to give Brother Liang this when I see him tomorrow, it is a gift from him.

Let me keep it in your bag lest I forget.”

Jiang Yao could feel the bulging red packet when she took it from Lu Xingzhi.

Surely there was quite a sum of cash inside it.

“Oh Does Colonel Lin know Brother Liang too” Jiang Yao asked nonchalantly.

“Yeah, they have a good relationship.

Plus, they are distantly related to each other.” Lu Xingzhi nodded.

“Here in the platoon, Colonel Lin is a great man, and Mrs.

Lin is trustable as well.

They are really good people, do not worry.”

Lu Xingzhi knew both Colonel Lin and Mrs.

Lin very well.


Lin is from Jin City.

Both her parents are important officers in the Jin City governmental institution unit.”

Jiang Yao was a little surprised.


Lin was a kind and friendly character, who knew she came from a family with such a powerful background.

Giving it a little more thought though, Jiang Yao began to piece the information together.

Liang Yueze also came from an influential family.

Since Colonel Lin was Liang Yuezes distant relative, it made perfect sense that both Colonel Lin and Mrs.

Lin were married to each other.

“As for Mrs.

Zhu.” Lu Xingzhi held Jiang Yaos hands and rubbed them.

Feeling her warmth, he sat her down and continued, “Major Zhu spoke to me some days ago, expressing his decision to transfer back to the countryside.

He feels his body is not up to the rigorousness of the platoon anymore.

With his military title here, he can arrange for a comfortable position if he moves to the countryside.

Since he does not want to stay in the platoon any longer, you do not have to see Mrs.

Zhu anymore.”

Lu Xingzhi was a keen observer.

Even though he was drinking a lot during dinner, his focus was always on Jiang Yao.

Naturally, he heard the entirety of the ladies conversation, although he pretended not to.

Hearing Mrs.

Zhus questions toward Jiang Yao, he was concerned, worrying if Jiang Yao would feel uncomfortable with her questioning.

He knew extremely well how important Jiang Yaos visit to the platoon was.

If her stay here was unpleasant, she would not come back again for any visits.

Hence, it was crucial that she had a good time during her stay here in the platoon.

“That is fine, lets not talk about it anymore.” Jiang Yao waved her hand, indicating her intention to stop the conversation.

Ever since she arrived and had met Mrs.

Ge, she had been talking non-stop for quite some time.

She moved her chair and shifted closer to Lu Xingzhi, wanting to lift his shirt up.

He extended his hand out, trying to stop her from doing it.

Seeing this, she stomped her feet, throwing a light tantrum and glared at him.

Only then, did she manage to lift his shirt up.

Seeing his wound, Jiang Yao sighed.

Although she knew that it was only an external injury, she could not help but feel pain piercing through her heart.

“Let me get the medicine.” Shaking her head in disapproval, she loosened her grip on his shirt.

Lu Xingzhi sat there rigidly, observing Jiang Yaos expressions.

He was relieved seeing that she did not cry.

He remembered the time when Mrs.

Ge, seeing Major Ge wheeled out from the operating room after a big surgery, broke down and wailed like there was no tomorrow.

No one could do anything about it.

And now seeing Jiang Yaos composed reaction, he was convinced that he chose the right woman to be his spouse.

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