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Chapter 287: Mrs.

Zhus Probing

Colonel Lin had previously gained some insights about Jiang Yao from Zhou Weiqi and Chen Xuyao.

He remembered when he first heard about Jiang Yao from Zhou Weiqi, there was a faint disdain and dismay in his tone.

Whenever he talked about her, it sounded more like complaints about her as a person.

Only then, Colonel Lin found out that Lu Xingzhi had some marital problems with his newlywed wife, although his information was scarce.

However, recently, when Zhou Weiqi and Chen Xuyao came to the base, they talked about Jiang Yao more, and there were obvious changes in their attitude and tone.

When Colonel Lin learned that Lu Xingzhis wife would be visiting him at the base during the National Day holiday and was even staying for a few days, he was very delighted.

Jiang Yao willing to visit her husband at the base indicated that she had accepted her status as a military dependent, or rather, an army wife.

Lu Xingzhi was a soldier with a promising future.

Thinking that she might come to live on base in the future, Colonel Lin wished to leave a good impression on Jiang Yao so that she would not feel awkward and uncomfortable about living here.

Colonel Lin had been observing the interaction between Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yao since they came into the cafeteria.

When he teased Lu Xingzhi, Jiang Yao glanced at her husband with a smile on her face, while lu Xingzhis eyes never left her.

Truth be told, their relationship was not as bad as he imagined, instead, they were so sweet together, like a pair of lovebirds.

At the table, the men were eating and drinking while the women were chatting.

From the conversations they were having, Jiang Yao learned that Mrs.

Lin did not stay on base.

She worked as a teacher in an elementary school in the city.

On the weekends, she would bring their children to visit Colonel Lin at the base.


Zhu was the teacher in the kindergarten in the base.

Her two children also attended the kindergarten.

Captain Yang and his family lived one level below Lu Xingzhis quarters.


Yang was the person who took care of Ge Wenwen when Mrs.

Ge was at the hospital.

Now, Mrs.

Yang and Mrs.

Ge did not even greet each other anymore, Mrs.

Yang went to the extent of forbidding her daughter from playing with Ge Wenwen.

However, throughout dinner, Mrs.

Yang did not badmouth Mrs.


She simply blurted a simple remark and brushed off the discord with Mrs.

Ge casually.

Frankly speaking, if Jiang Yao had not heard about it from Lu Xingzhi earlier, she would not have figured out that such a nasty thing had happened between the two Madams.

It seemed that Mrs.

Yang was not the kind of person who would badmouth someone behind their backs.

“Oh yes, Jiang Yao, I heard many people saying that you are studying at a university in the south.

What major are you in” Mrs.

Zhu asked out of the blue.

“Sergeant Lu once mentioned that you plan to come here and live on base after graduation, am I right Have you ever thought about what you will do What do you think of the kindergarten in our base”

Jiang Yao was eating.

She listened to her while disgesting her series of questions, finding some peculiarities in her questions.

After the series of questions, Mrs.

Lin quickly answered, diverting the inquisitive questioning.

“Meihua, Jiang Yao is still a freshman, isnt it a little too early for you to ask her this” Mrs.

Lin said, “Besides, she is in one of the national universities, dont you think its such a waste of talent for her to become a kindergarten teacher in the base after graduation”

Although Mrs.

Lin was not sure what Jiang Yaos major was, she reckoned that a kindergarten teacher would be an overkill to her educational background.

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