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Chapter 281: Dont Indulge

Jiang Yao could not react for a few seconds, and she watched as Mrs.

Ge reprimand Ge Wenwen loudly.

She felt that Mrs.

Ge was doing this intentionally for her to witness.


Ge! Mrs.

Ge! Stop beating the child.” Jiang Yao tried to stop her, and thought deep down that if she wanted to discipline her child, she should do it at home, why would she do it in front of her If she did not know any better, she would say that such an adult deliberately planned this with a six-year-old child.

Besides, she did not know whether the child was hungry for real or not, but the fact that the things the girl thought about her which was the same as her mothers, that was definitely real.

“Ay, children.

The older they get, the more disobedient they are.

Dont indulge her too much, just give her some biscuits or candy to send her away.

If she takes more than that, it will only make this little lass more spoilt.” Mrs.

Ge gave her a helpless look as she gave Gu Wenwen a little kick, and turned around to give Jiang Yao an embarrassed smile.

“I dont really have much at home to give her to eat, and she may not have eaten fully during lunch time.”

“…” Jiang Yao really did not know what to say.

What did she mean by just giving her some biscuits or candy Was this not called indulging the child


Ge was definitely the first person that Jiang Yao had met in her entire life that rendered her so speechless.


Ge, its not that Im being stingy or anything, but I really dont have anything in the house.” Jiang Yao said, ” I rushed to board the plane after my class, and I only grabbed my clothes and necessities for the trip.

Once I got off the plane, I came straight here.

I wouldnt have anything like snacks in the house.”

Disregarding the fact that there really was not anything in the house at the moment, even if they did have anything, Jiang Yao was not willing to give it to these kinds of people.

Even if it was only a six year old child, she would not indulge them!

“I dont believe it! Unless you show me your bag!” Gu Wenwen stomped her feet as she pointed to Jiang Yaos backpack that was on the chair.

“You little brat! She already said that she has nothing to give you, why do you keep insisting!” Mrs.

Ge brought down her hand quite hard this time, and the sound was loud, Jiang Yao flinched slightly, it sounded quite painful.

Seeing the red mark on the tanned skin of the childs arm, Jiang Yao felt a sense of uneasiness and unhappiness in her heart.

Thinking about the fact that this was her neighbour for the foreseeable future, she could not help but feel bitter inside.


Ge, it seems like its already quite late, and the child is also hungry.

Why dont you take her home and prepare dinner.” Jiang Yao was not in the mood to deal with the pair of mother and daughter.

The older one unpleasant, and the younger was not any better.

She even demanded that Jiang Yao turn over her bag

The sky had indeed started to darken, and Jiang Yao had arrived a little late to the base.

At this hour, those who ate early would have probably finished dinner already.

“Dont worry, were not in a hurry!” Mrs.

Ge did not have any plans to return home, and she ignored Wenwen who was crying, sitting down in one of the chairs.

“Recently, its only been me and Wenwen at home, and were not in a hurry to eat.

Children like to cause trouble, and you shouldnt indulge them.

Youve just arrived at the base, and youre probably not accustomed to being alone.

I can wait with you until your husband returns home.”

Jiang Yao glanced at Mrs.

Ge, who had an eager expression on her face as though expecting her to ask about her family affairs, making Jiang Yao even more reluctant to speak.

Although she was curious why Platoon Leader Ge was not at home, she guessed that by the way Mrs.

Ge was raising the topic, there had to be something lying in wait for her.


Ge, as you can see, I was also preparing to do the laundry.

You really cant let a child go hungry, and having a chat isnt really that urgent.

You should return home first.” Jiang Yao said as she pointed to the clothe lines on the balcony which had Lu Xingzhis clothes on it.

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