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Chapter 280: Petty

In her previous life, her interactions with others were very simple.

After graduating from college, she went on to work in the hospital, which meant she only had to get along with her colleagues.

Their interactions were limited to nods in greetings, and no one knew her identity or family background.

After that, she left for the small mountain village, most of the people there were simple and had a great amount of respect for her and Wen Xuehui, and had even been very careful when dealing with them.

Feeling uncomfortable with Mrs.

Ge suddenly barging in like this, Jiang Yao was at a loss for what to do for a while.


Ge, its not that I dont want to accept your goodwill, but you may not know the situation in my house at the moment.

There isnt any cooking ware in the house, and there isnt any place to cook.

Theres a welcome feast in the cafeteria later in the evening so I dont need to prepare anything.

Ill be leaving with my husband to Jindo City tomorrow to attend his friends wedding, and probably wont be home for a couple of days.

Giving this to us would be a waste.” Jiang Yao was not deliberately rejecting it, but there was no better chance for her to voice out.

“Oh A welcome feast Theres going to be a welcome feast in the cafeteria for you” Mrs.

Ge focused on this point, and then muttered under her breath, “When I first came with Wenwen, the cafeteria didnt prepare any kind of welcome feast for us at all.”

Hearing that, Jiang Yao felt slightly awkward.

It seemed that she had said too much, and probably the wrong thing too.

She could see that Mrs.

Ge was a petty person, because the explanation that had come out from her mouth indicated that she held some resentment toward some people.

Once she understood that, she was slightly regretful of what she had said.

But it was too late, and Jiang Yao could only pretend that she did not hear Mrs.

Ges mutterings as she stood in awkward silence.


Ge looked at Jiang Yao, feeling that the difference in treatment between them was unfair, and also secretly thinking that Sergeant Lus wife was someone who did not know how to be a decent person.

Should she not extend the invitation to the mother and daughter to eat in the cafeteria

After waiting for a few seconds and Jiang Yao not extending the invitation, Mrs.

Ge felt dissatisfied.

She felt that Sergeant Lus wife was just a young woman who did not know how to be a decent human being.

But she did not speak her mind, and she did not feel good saying that she and her daughter would like to have a good meal either.


Ge and Jiang Yao were both silent, and in order to avoid the awkwardness, she raised her hand to caress her daughters head.

Looking at Wenwen, Jiang Yao thought of another adorable little girl, Huang Chenchen.

Ge Wenwen and Huang Chenchen were incomparable, with one look at Huang Chenchen, you could tell that she was from a wealthy family.

She was dressed neatly and smartly, her face and hands were also clean, and was even a little bit of a neat freak.

The clothes that Ge Wenwen was wearing had patches over patches, and even in this weather, her clothes were dirty.

Jiang Yao sneaked a glance at Mrs.

Ge, and secretly thought that for a child to be dirty and not paying attention to hygiene, was it because of the adults in her life Mrs.

Ge herself was not dressed any cleaner either.

“Aunt Lu, do you have anything to eat Im hungry.”

Just as Jiang Yao was about to open her mouth to say something, Ge Wenwen suddenly asked her a question, and it sent Jiang Yao into a stunned silence once again.

“Ay! Such an ignorant child, how can you ask someone else for food!” Mrs.

Ge slapped the back of Wenwens head, although it was done lightly, the little girl started to cry loudly.

“But Im hungry! Im hungry! Didnt you say that Aunt Lu comes from a big city, and she would definitely have brought a lot of good things!” Ge Wenwen said as she cried, and she pulled on Jiang Yaos hand insistently.

“Aunt Lu, Im hungry!”

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