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Chapter 277: Thorn in Their Side

Lu Xingzhi dragged Chen Feibai all the way downstairs, loosening his hold only when they had reached the ground floor.

He gently pushed Chen Feibai away, with the latter glaring at him.

“Whats with you, Sergeant Lu, youre so imposing! Im just a messenger, why did you make a move against a new recruit! Such strength, so impressive!” Chen Feibai adjusted his collar as he said sarcastically, his face an annoyed expression.

“You A messenger” Lu Xingzhi sneered coldy, he would not believe Chen Feibais words unless his brain had been damaged irreparably by a cannon.

“How many others in the entire platoon can you order around, Master Chen Even if the Supreme Commander has given you a command, you think Id believe you Believe that the Supreme Commander chose you to relay a message to me” Chen Feibais admission to the military was basically a thorn in everyones side.

He was the third generation of military members in his family, and his connections were excellent.

It was simply a disaster for the entire army when he enlisted, one that nobody was able to avoid.

Although in the end he was arranged to be under Lu Xingzhi, he was indifferent and could not be bothered about Chen Feibai, who relied on connections to go through life.

Lu Xingzhi was also well aware that people like Chen Feibai would not stay long in the army, he would at most last about two to three years.

The Chen family would naturally arrange for Chen Feibai to transfer out of the army after making arrangements for a bright future for him.

Seeing that Chen Feibai was giving him a look that was normally reserved for enemies, Lu Xingzhi felt his heart waver a little.

“Chen Feibai, I can tolerate your presence in the army.” Lu Xingzhi said coldly, his eyes hardening, “In the platoon, you can tease whoever you want, and if something happens, youre on your own, I wont care.

However, Im warning you, Jiang Yao is my wife.

If you dare to do anything untoward toward her, I have my own ways to ensure that you will not be able to stay in this platoon!”

“Lu Xingzhi, dont think youre all that great just because people call you Master Lu!” Chen Feibai said through clenched teeth, clenching his fists tightly.

It was not that he was not afraid facing the threat of Lu Xingzhi head on.

However, apart from fearing Hades Lu, he was feeling unwilling mostly due to his own ego and pride, which did not allow him to display any fear on the outside.

“You can try my hand, test out how many ways I can deal with you!” Lu Xingzhi said, the corner of his mouth lifting slightly.

“Whatever I say, I can also do.”

“You…” The murderous aura exuding from the man in front of him rendered him speechless for a moment, his face paling at the air that was getting heavier, making it hard to breath.

At this moment, a stab of fear raced through his entire body.

In the end, Lu Xingzhi was a completely different person than Chen Feibai was.

Apart from some helping hands from a few brothers, the position and where Lu Xingzhi stood today was mainly due to his own strength.

He had been in the army for many years, and was different from Chen Feibai, a young boy who had never seen the horrors of the bloody storms.

His hands were drenched in blood and lives of others, the number innumerable.

He had slit the throats of criminals with a dagger in his hands, felt the warm liquid of life spew out from the neck of another human being.

His marksmanship was excellent, and he had been dubbed the God of guns.

His bullets had ended countless lives, and he had probably seen the end of too many lives.

His murderous aura was similar to that of a grim reaper from hell, and this was Lu Xingzhi, the one in the platoon who had been dubbed Hades Lu.

Before entering the army, Chen Feibai had heard countless praises about this person in the compound.

His grandfather, his father, and all his family members only had compliments and nothing but respect for this person.

He himself had never been acknowledged to this extent by his family, and here was a person who had no relations to the Chen family, winning the respect and praise of his grandfather and father.

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