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Chapter 276: Interference

He did not have the right to receive the blessings of a good person right now.

It was either his clothes, or slowly explaining himself.

However, he would not let her get one over him for long.

“Thats fine, then I wont take off my shirt.

Its not like I use my upper body to love you anyway.” Lu Xingzhi grinned, his eyes darkened with lust as he said huskily, “Its enough to take yours off.”

Jiang Yao had probably thought that she had outsmarted him this time, and Lu Xingzhi resumed his undressing of her clothes while she was stunned for a moment.

However, reality was that, neither of them got to undress the other.

The bedroom door was not closed, so the sound of someone knocking on the main door carried over like a harsh deafening sound.

“Sergeant! Sergeant! Supreme Commander sent me to inform you and Sister-in-Law that therell be a welcome feast tonight for Sister-in-Law at the cafeteria!”

Jiang Yao glanced at Lu Xingzhi, whose face had twisted into something unsightly, and she could not help but let out a hearty laugh at his expression.

As she laughed, she proceeded to button up the buttons that he had previously unbuttoned.

“Ignore them, lets continue!” Lu Xingzhi hissed through his gritted teeth.

Hearing the voice that floated in from the outside, he knew that it was that little idiot, Chen Feibai.

Jiang Yao did not have the chance to respond before the voice outside continued to sound.

“Sergeant, Sister-in-Law, I know youre in there, hurry up and come on out! Its broad daylight right now, what are you guys up to in there, hmm”

Jiang Yao could not help but continue to laugh, holding her stomach which was hurting slightly for laughing so hard.

The person outside the door was clearly aware what the people inside were up to, hence he was talking so loudly.

“Lu Xingzhi, Lu Xingzhi, just look at that, take a good look at yourself!”

Lu Xingzhi let out an agitated sigh, grabbing the quilt and covering Jiang Yao with it, as she was still not dressed properly.

“Cover up and straighten your clothes, wait for me inside, dont come out.”

Then, he slammed the bedroom door, stomping his way out to the living room and wrenching the door open angrily.

Seeing the person stumble forward after losing his balance, he hauled the person up none too gently.

“Chen Feibai, dont think for a second that I wont hesitate to deal with you.” At this moment, the one thing that Lu Xingzhi dearly wanted to do was to throw this fresh egghead recruit out of the platoon and make it so that he would never be accepted back in ever again!

“Sergeant, its broad daylight right now, where is this anger coming from I heard that our sister-in-law has arrived, yeah Has Sister-in-Law annoyed you Even if she did, you cant be taking it out on us fresh recruits, ya know It doesnt reflect well on you.”

Chen Feibai was one of the few people in the entire army that dared to butt heads with Hades Lu.

Although Lu Xingzhi was holding onto his collar, there was not a trace of fear on his face at all.

His eyes were instead scanning the room, as though looking for someone, and then he opened his mouth to shout, a tinge of fear in his voice, “Sister-in-Law, Sister-in-Law! Come quick, Sergeant is beating me up!”

Lu Xingzhi had already told her earlier on to wait for him inside, and so Jiang Yao pretended that she did not hear anything.

She had straightened up her clothes by now.

However, her face was still flushed red, and if anyone were to see her now, they would clearly know what Lu Xingzhi and she had been up to behind closed doors.

Lu Xingzhis brows furrowed together and he gave a shout through the doors, “Darling, Im taking someone out to have a chat.”

Not waiting for Jiang Yaos response as he was afraid she would come out, he dragged Chen Feibai out toward the door, giving him a harsh kick at the same time to boot him out faster.

He knew how captivating his wife looked when she was aroused, her already charming eyes would stand out even more, as though able to suck in a soul when you gazed into them.

Her sultry voice would wash over his entire being and make him quiver shamelessly.

If the usual Jiang Yao were likened to a fairy, then she would be a devilish imp when she was aroused.

Normally, she was like a plain white lotus, and just now, when she was lying beneath him, she was a blood red poppy.

Such a sight was only allowed to be seen by him alone.

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