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Chapter 266: No Chance at All

It was not a small sum of money!

And what was he thinking, bringing his daughter along to a dinner Perhaps he wanted her to be a stepmom to his daughter

Outrageous! Absolutely outrageous!

Fortunately, they were talking on the phone.

If Jiang Yao could see Lu Xingzhis face right now, she would be utterly terrified.

“Return the money to him immediately! However much you borrowed, return him with twice the amount!” Lu Xingzhi was enraged.

“I will not allow you to use anyone elses money from now on!”

“Eight hundred thousand dollars,” Jiang Yao said.

“I will pass you his bank account details, you can send him the money directly.”

Jiang Yao knew better.

Eight hundred thousand dollars doubled amounted to over a million dollars.

She would not do it even if she had gone insane.

“I know you are well-off, but this is not how you are supposed to spend your money.” Jiang Yao had no idea how jealous Lu Xingzhi was right now.

She thought that he was also appreciative of Huang Chengjings assistance, just like her.

At a loss for words, Lu Xingzhi could not tell her how jealous that made him feel.

His own wife was using another mans money to do the thing she wanted to do the most!

It took some time, but he finally calmed down.

Suddenly, he said, “Why dont I transfer all of my money over to your account This way, you can access it whenever you need them.

Even when I am not around, you do not have to go and ask for help.”

“What!” Jiang Yao was caught off guard.

Yes, they were married, but it never crossed her mind to take control of her husbands finances.

Hearing this, she could assume that Lu Xingzhi had a lot of cash in the bank.

“It is decided then.” Lu Xingzhi continued, “I still have reports to make, I will talk to you later.”

“Wait! Hold on a second!” Jiang Yao cried out.

“What about you What are you going to do when you want to spend money”

“I do not really have the need to spend when I am here in the platoon.” He realized, right after speaking, that he had to run errands from time to time.

It made no sense for him to not hold on to some cash.

“Just send me a monthly allowance then.”

Running a business together with Liang Yueze, Lu Xingzhi got used to waiting for the year-end dividends.

He planned to ask Liang Yueze to send all the money to Jiang Yaos account instead, saving him some trouble.

Jiang Yao understood that this meant that Lu Xingzhi trusted her completely.

He was not at all bothered that Jiang Yao might claim all the money as hers and leave him.

The burden of his trust was heavy, but Jiang Yao was happy to be the one to hold it.

“Alright! Your monthly allowance is ten dollars, for your phone bill, so you can call me every night.” Jiang Yao laughed and started joking with Lu Xingzhi.

“Whatever you say, dear,” Lu Xingzhi replied.

The reports could wait, he wanted to stay on the line longer.

“Did you buy the plane tickets to Jin City for National Day”

“I did! I bought an afternoon ticket, departing at one oclock on the thirtieth.” Jiang Yao could feel his eagerness and longing through the phone.

“You have to pick me up then! If not, I am leaving with the first guy I see!”

“Tsk!” Lu Xingzhi exhaled.

“Not a chance!”

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