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Chapter 263: Power Up!

After ending the shareholders meeting, Jiang Yao sent Manager Sun to meet Mr.

Feng on her behalf.

However, Mr.

Feng was away for a business trip, and it could be some time before his return.

Whether it was a coincidence, or that he intentionally arranged that to avoid her, she had no idea.

Jiang Yao was thoroughly annoyed, to say the least.

There was nothing she could do though; the person of interest was unavailable after all.

Plus, the rumors were getting out of hand, for the sake of the hospital, she had to stop it from spreading any furthur.

The Director, at the request of Jiang Yao and on behalf of the hospital, accepted a press interview by the Nanjiang Daily post.

The interview was meant to dispel tales on the transformation of the hospital to a hotel.

Rumors finally died down when the news was published.

After the publication, the atmosphere at school seemed to have changed.

Before this, wherever you were on campus, you could hear students gossiping and berating the mysterious new hospital owner.

Now, things had changed, and the criticism turned toward individuals who spread the rumors.

It was just a few days ago when Jiang Yao was vilified and chided as a threatening and overzealous woman.

All the negative comments subsided suddenly, and only words of praise could be heard now.

The protagonist of the entire affair, Jiang Yao, felt like she was watching a soap drama chronicling the events surrounding the hospital.

The Shengqi Hospital affair stirred up quite a huge commotion in Nanjiang City when it first happened.

After some time, it began to subside, and people no longer talked about it.

Jiang Yao could not locate Mr.

Feng still.

She knew for sure that now that things were back to normal, the shareholders who had sold off their shares in a hurry probably regretted their decision, with some realizing that Jiang Yao was the person orchestrating the entire brouhaha.

Knowing all these, Mr.

Feng would no doubt hold on to his shares, refusing to sell it off to Jiang Yao.

At this point in time, Jiang Yao had abandoned any ideas of purchasing Mr.

Fengs shares.

She instead spent the bulk of her time on her studies and in the Medical System, preparing herself fully for Wu Zhongs surgery.

Still, the biggest bonus that happened during this time was the massive increase in Jiang Yaos Favorability Value.

Till now, nobody knew that she was the new owner of Shengqi Hospital.

Yet, after all the chaos surrounding the affair, people were starting to have a more favorable view on the new owner.

With this, her Favorability Value increased tremendously.

Converting all her Favorability Value into Present Value, then adding those into her Physical Strength, her hidden Force potential was finally realized.

Seeing the realization of her Force potential, System Admin was euphoric.

“Congratulations, Master! You have successfully powered up! Right now, the system is transferring all the basics of martial arts to you.”

Jiang Yao prepared herself for the inevitable change in her body.

However, until the end of the transfer, she felt no different physically.

Mentally though, her mind was filled with many martial arts moves.

The insertion of new knowledge did not feel awkward.

Instead, she felt like she had been learning these moves for her entire life.

Right now, she could feel the energy cruising through her body, eliminating any little signs of exhaustion.

Since increasing her Physical Strength, she had started to forget the feeling of exhaustion.

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