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Chapter 258: Well Done

Both of them arrived at the university in the evening.

It took only one day, but to Wen Xuehui, it was as if the whole world had changed.

The truth was cruelly revealed even if she was not willing to believe it.

That night, Wen Xuehui went back home with Chancellor Wen and did not stay at the dorm.

Jiang Yao knew that Wen Xuehui needed her familys accompaniment and encouragement especially at a time like this.

Wen Xuehui did not wish to let her friends see her being dejected, or perhaps she did not want to see Li Ronghui.

On Sunday, Jiang Yao received some good news from Manager Sun.

He said that he had bought Mr.

Qins shares at a price two times lesser than their discussed price.

“Well done! Ill give you a bonus this month!” Jiang Yao was exhilarated.

“Since Mr.

Qin was willing to sell his shares at such a low price, it seems like he could not wait to get them off his hands.”

“Miss Jiang, many people were eyeing the sales of Mr.

Qins shares.

Someone asked me at what price he sold his shares, and I told him truthfully.

I bet everyone would know about this after just one night.” Manager Sun was happy because he helped his new employer to complete a task and received a genuine compliment from his new boss, not because of the bonus that Jiang Yao mentioned!

“Ill settle the other shareholders in the afternoon.

After all the shares are in my hands, you can get an official position!” After Jiang Yao ended Manager Suns call, she called the directors office.

She asked the director to inform all the shareholders about a meeting at the conference room at two oclock in the afternoon.

After lunch, Zhou Xiaoxia looked at Jiang Yao who had changed her clothes and asked in confusion, “Jiang Yao, are you going out Why are you so busy lately”

“Shengqi Hospital is closing down, dont you think that I, the new shareholder, should be busy Im going to the hospital for the shareholders meeting, you guys can have dinner without me, I think I will come back after dinner.” Jiang Yao sighed on purpose, smiled at them and carried her backpack before going out.

Zhou Xiaoxia and the others heard what she said and laughed out loud.

“Jiang Yao, youre hilarious!”

When everyone was praising her for being hilarious, they did believe that she was indeed hilarious.

She made a passing remark about it the other day, they did not think that she would actually still make a joke about it now.

Zhou Xiaoxia and the others laughed to the point where they could not straighten their backs.

“Well, have a good day, Miss Jiang! We are counting on you to arrange for our future jobs!” Zhou Xiaoxia shouted at Jiang Yao.

“Well said, well said!” Jiang Yao knew that nobody believed her so she did not explain any further.

She took her stuff and glanced at Moe who was still reluctant to reconcile before going out on her own.

The driver, Xiao Fang, was already waiting for Jiang Yao at the university entrance.

After she got into the car, Xiao Fang started the engine and drove Jiang Yao to the hospital.

Jiang Yao cut it fine and arrived at the conference room ten minutes early.

Unexpectedly, the other shareholders had already arrived even before she did.

When the people in the conference room saw Jiang Yao, their faces darkened, with the exception of Chen Zhibin and the director.

Chen Zhibin knew that Jiang Yao was coming to the hospital for a meeting and came to the conference room to be Jiang Yaos temporary bodyguard proactively without asking her.

“All of you are so early! Not bad, I like people with a good sense of time.” Since they had arrived, Jiang Yao had no reason to wait until the scheduled meeting time to start the meeting.

She carried her school bag inside and took out the things that she had prepared in the morning from her bag before handing it to the director.

She considered the director as her personal assistant as she said, “Distribute these contracts to the shareholders.”

The director took the contracts without looking at them before distributing them to the shareholders accordingly.

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