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Chapter 256: Ungrateful

As the saying goes, sometimes it takes ages and great effort to find something whereas sometimes you get what you are looking for through sheer luck.

Surprisingly and coincidentally, Li Ronghuis fiancée, who was in the countryside, was on the same bus with them.

Perhaps the old woman felt that the university students from the city were not easy to get along with, she then took her bamboo basket and stepped backward.

She walked to the girl whom she addressed asFangfang.

It was probably because the old woman was used to being a loudmouth, once she opened her mouth, everyone on the bus could hear her clearly.

“Fangfang, your beau is almost graduating, right I heard that your mother said that both of your families made a promise for you to marry him once he graduates, right You are so lucky! You can soon enjoy your life! After your beau becomes successful and marries you, let him find a decent job for you so you dont have to work so hard at the factory in the future! Fangfang, were from the same village, if both of you become successful in the future, dont forget us villagers…”

“Now, now, Auntie! Ah Hui has not even found a job, and I dont know how his university is going to arrange for him in the end.

Based on what Ah Hui wrote in his letter last time, he wants to furthur his studies as he said that the higher his education is, the better his future would be.” The girl answered.

Jiang Yao had not turned to look at the lady named Fangfang who was behind her.

However, judging by her voice, she seemed very young.

She felt her sleeve being pulled by someone.

Jiang Yao turned to look at Wen Xuehui.

“Lets go home when we arrive at the station.” Tears were welling in Wen Xuehuis eyes, but she was fighting back tears.

She clenched her teeth and tried very hard to not cry on the bus.

“I shouldnt have come.”

Jiang Yao sighed helplessly and reached out her hands to hug Wen Xuehui.

“If we did not come here, you wont ever give up.

Now, youre sad, right But its great to know the truth.

You see, even God is giving you the answer.

We have not even started looking for her, and we have already met her.”

Jiang Yao really did not know how to comfort people.

Even though she was stabbing Wen Xuehuis heart, but the truth was the truth.

She still had to say it because she should.

The conversation between the girl and the old woman could still be heard.

The bus was so small and the voices coming from behind were so loud, it did not matter whether they wanted to listen to it or not.

“He still wants to study Then, are both of you going to get married” Upon hearing Fangfang saying that her beau was still planning to continue his studies, the old womans heart pounded.

“Fangfang, if I were you, I would not let him continue.

You see, the Li family only has him and his mother left.

Your family has been taking care of his family all these years.

Ever since he went to university, you have been taking care of his mother alone with all your heart and money.

What if he becomes successful and turns his nose up at you Cant you see All the university students in the city look so charming.

What if your beau falls in love with his schoolmate and refuses to marry you Your years of hard work would be wasted!”

“Auntie! I forbid you to badmouth Ah Hui! He is not that kind of a person! We have been friends since were children and we grew up together.

The elders of both families witnessed us growing up together, he is not that kind of ungrateful person! Its awesome that he is self-motivated, as long as he continues his studies, I wouldnt mind if I work twenty-four hours a day to earn money.

I am willing to support his education!”

After listening to her words, Jiang Yao could not help but curse at the man deep down.

Coincidentally, the bus arrived at an en route stop.

Wen Xuehui was literally scurrying down the bus, and Jiang Yao followed her quickly.

After the bus left, Wen Xuehui could no longer hold back and squatted by the roadside with her head between her knees while bawling her eyes out.

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