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Chapter 248: Rumors

The director was on the Qi familys side, they would keep him in the loop, would they not

Fortunately, the directors answer made Jiang Yao feel more relieved, at the same time, she wanted to see his ability in handling such a matter.

“No, of course not.

They are all bound to the employment contract.

Unless they can pay the compensation for breach of contract as stated, how can we let them resign so casually Moreover, we have to arrange handovers for their positions first even if they can pay the compensation,” the director said, cold sweat drenching his forehead, he could feel that the young lady was actually angry at that moment.

Only now did Jiang Yao manage a satisfied smile and nodded in response.

“Im starting to get very busy with my studies, I can be at ease knowing that you are in charge of the hospitals operations,” Jiang Yao uttered, conveying her underlying message of entrusting him and having confidence in him.

“I wont come here frequently, you can just call me if theres anything.

If your performance is excellent, I can assure you that your bonus will be lucrative.”

Jiang Yao did not say too much to the director.

Sometimes, smart people would be able to intercept and understand the hidden messages without having to reveal too much information.

She was certain that the director would be somewhat affected when she used the bonus as a bait.

After seeing Jiang Yao off, a rare relaxed expression appeared on the directors face.

He was over the moon that Jiang Yao entrusted him with the hospitals operations, the bonus was a plus point.

He started off from the position of a regular doctor, he struggled and worked hard to achieve where he was now.

Ironically, before he could sit comfortably at the seat, the Qi family had transferred their equity to someone else.

Since then, he had been sitting on pins and needles, wondering when he would be scraped from the position.

The two deputy directors had been eyeing his position like two hyenas aiming for their prey because of the major change of the shareholders.

They looked forward to his downfall and hoped that they would be selected for the position after buttering the new shareholder up.

Luckily, he had made several preparations.

He guarded Miss Jiang like a cautious watchdog, preventing those two hyenas from getting close to her.

Jiang Yao could finally heave a sigh of relief after settling all the arrangements.

It had only been two days but even the teachers and students of Nanjiang Medical University had started gossiping about Shengqi Hospitals new shareholder and how the person would cripple the hospital.

Nanjiang Medical University and Shengqi Hospital had a collaboration where they would send many students for internships every year.

It would definitely be a loss to the university if the hospital were to close down due to bankruptcy.

Nanjiang Medical University was a private university, but all the shareholders were from extremely wealthy backgrounds.

They were willing to spend money on advanced medical equipment, recruit specialists to work at the hospital, and even invite renowned doctors from overseas for seminars and conferences.

If Shengqi Hospital were to fall, it would have a great impact on these medical students in the future.

Because of this, Wen Xuehui did not have the time and effort to be upset about Li Ronghui.

She whined to Jiang Yao as soon as they returned to the dorm, “What do you think that new shareholder has done to make people lose their trust and interest in the hospital If Shengqi Hospital really collapses under the management of the new shareholder, then we certainly cannot go there for an internship or even work there!”

Li Yi and Lin Qiaoyu hurriedly joined their conversation, nodding their heads vigorously.

“Yes! I have a relative who works as a nurse in Shengqi Hospital, their salary package is very good.

During the college entrance examination, my parents urged me to come to Nanjiang Medical University, hoping that I can join Shengqi Hospital as an intern after graduation followed by formal employment,” Li Yi uttered.

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