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Chapter 246: New Prescription

“Just wait for my call after you go home.

We better avoid meeting each other for a few days in case Mr.

Qin and his people find out about our connection.

If theres anything, call me,” Jiang Yao said.

She asked for Manager Suns home address, asked the driver to send him home first before going to the hospital.

She intended to deliver the medicine on the weekend, but since she had a getaway trip with Wen Xuehui over the weekend and she was already outside right now, she might as well stop by the hospital for a while.

She bought two bags of fruits at the hospital entrance.

She placed one bag at the guard post and told the guard on duty to pass it to Wu Zhong the next day, then brought another bag to the inpatient wards.

After the promotion, Wu Zhong did not need to be on night duty anymore, which was great for his physical recuperation.

Jiang Yao was also wondering when and how she should tell him about her performing surgery on him.

However, no matter how many years of experience she had as a practicing doctor in her previous life, now, she was only a freshman, she doubted that Wu Zhong would be convinced of her medical skills.

When the hospital was entirely and lawfully hers, she could set up her own designated operating theater without anyones knowledge or interference.

By then, it would be easier to utilize the Medical System, enhance her skills, and convince Wu Zhong.

Jiang Yao retrieved the medicine out of the system when she arrived at the hospital.

After several attempts, she realized that it was exceptionally simple and easy to retrieve small items from the system.

She only needed to concentrate on her consciousness and the item that she wanted would magically appear on her palm.

At this moment, Chen Zhibin was staying with his mother in the ward.

He gaped in surprise when Jiang Yao came in.

“Jiang Yao, why are you here at this moment Do you have another meeting” Chen Zhibin asked doubtfully and mumbled to himself quietly,I didnt hear anything about a meeting in the hospital, besides, its not a weekend, why is she here so unexpectedly

“I have some matters to attend to, and since the hospital was on the way, I stopped by to have a look, assuming that youd be around.

Oh yes, I just got this medicine from the doctor for your mother, its a new prescription drug.

Mix it with water before giving it to your mother,” Jiang Yao uttered a lie, guessing that Chen Zhibin would not go and ask the doctor about the medicine.

Then, as she looked at Madam Chen, she could not help but sigh slightly.

It was only a couple of days but the patient on the bed was as thin and pale as paper.

“Hows your mother doing”

She took the record file hanging by the bed and started flipping through it.

It recorded Madam Chens medical activities on a daily basis, such as how many times she was awake, when, for how long, and so on.

Holding the medicine in his hand, Chen Zhibin glanced at Jiang Yao in a daze as if he was looking at an experienced doctor.

The way she studied the medical record discreetly while observing his mother on the bed was exactly like how the specialist did it during ward rounds.

Madam Chen was doing much better than before, at least her condition had stabilized now.

She would be out of critical danger if there were no other emergencies.

She still could not talk, move, or eat normally, but she woke up several times a day now, sometimes for three to five minutes, which was a good sign.

“Melt the medicine with a little warm water, and then feed it to your mother with some more water.”

Jiang Yao only got to look at Chen Zhibin after putting down the file.

He looked as if he was ready to faint, which indicated that he had been staying with his mother day and night.

She pursed her lips in concern and said, “Ive looked at your mothers file.

Her condition is under control now, what awaits her is the recovery phase for her to slowly heal, so you dont have to stay with her 24/7.

If you go on like this, you would not be able to stand it even if your body is made of steel.

What if you fall ill after your mother gets better Do you want her to take care of you then”

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