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Chapter 234: Two Things

That was why Manager Sun was not willing to let her know about it and decided to change the topic.

After Jiang Yao sent Manager Sun off, she caressed Moe that was in her arms and could not figure out the relation between herself and Manager Suns unemployment.

Jiang Yao did some thinking and decided that she had to find out the reason behind Manager Suns unemployment.

However, depending on the pitiable connections that she had in Nanjiang City, she had no idea on who to look for to do some research.

She thought about it and realized that the only man she knew who had a lot of connections in Nanjiang City was Huang Chengjing.

Since the Huang family still owed her a favor, she took out her phone and gave Huang Chengjing a call.

Huang Chengjing once gave her his name card and she casually saved his phone number in her phone.

It had never occured to her that it might come in handy one day.

Huang Chengjing was on his way to a banquet dinner at that moment and he was sitting in his car when he received Jiang Yaos call.

He was slightly surprised to get a call from her.

“General Manager Huang, I might need your help on two things.” Jiang Yao voiced out her purpose in making the phone call right away without any intention of hiding things.

“Are you free to talk on the phone at the moment It isnt something urgent, we can continue this later if youre occupied for now.”

“Im free, Im still in the car.” Huang Chengjing said.

Jiang Yao was delighted.

“I would like to ask General Manager Huang to help me find out the reason why Manager Sun was fired.

Oh, for your info, he used to work for Riya Restaurant.”

“Alright, how about the other one” Huang Chengjing accepted her request in an instant.

“Didnt you just tell me that Mr.

Qin was telling everyone that the hospital is going to fall under my management I would like General Manager Huang to do me a favor and spread around what Mr.

Qin had just said.

Let everyone think that the hospital is going to fall in my hands sooner or later.”

Jiang Yao came up with this idea after Huang Chengjing left.

Initially, she wanted to ask someone else to do the job but she could not think of anybody else at the moment.

Now, since she was going to ask Huang Chengjing for his help to find out about Manager Sun, she might as well request for him to do the job.

There was no need for her to ask two different men to assist her.

Compared to the Qi family, Jiang Yao was more willing to look for the Huang family.

Even Lu Xingzhi had once told her that the Huang family was more trustworthy than the Qi family.

“Why” Huang Chengjing was confused.

If he really did spread that rumor, it would bring no good to Jiang Yao and the hospital.

It might even worry the patients or it could be worse when the doctors start to panic as well.

“Miss Jiang, I dont think that its a good idea.” Huang Chengjing felt that he needed to give Jiang Yao a reminder.

“No.” Jiang Yao knew exactly what Huang Chengjing was worried about.

Her reply was strong and firm.

“The doctors in the hospital have signed their contracts and they would not resign that easily before their contracts expire.

Also, the main reason why the patients came to us is because of the doctors.

They will not care about the development of the hospital as long as the doctors are still there to treat them.”

Jiang Yao did not hide anything from Huang Chengjing and told him openly, “This will only benefit me as I want the shares that Mr.

Qin has.

However, I do not have the money so if I want to get them at a cheaper price, I need to think of a way to turn the shares that Mr.

Qin has into a worthless piece of paper.”

That was the first time Huang Chengjing had ever encountered someone who was so straightforward by telling him that she did not have the money.

Alright, she did not have the money but she was longing for the shares that Mr.

Qin had.

What should she do

Therefore, the only way was to make Mr.

Qins shares become worthless.

She would be able to get his shares in the cheapest way possible, and reap the benefits to the fullest.

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