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Chapter 2320: Is It Worth Is

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“Do you intend to stick with the plan, Boss” The person next to him asked quietly.

“Yes.” The man picked up the gun again and wiped it gently.

It was just an ordinary gun, but in his hands, it was as if it was a priceless treasure.

His voice was cold, and there was a hint of ridicule.

“We have enough cards in your hands.

Even if someone else took her, we could still urge her country to find her quickly and send her to us.”

He was unconcerned that the Divine Doctors student would do anything under his nose while the people were in his hands.

His men were extremely quick with orders.

After some time, leaders from all over the country received a letter from that organization.

The letter stated unequivocally that the Divine Doctors student would come to their location to assist them in treating a person.

They would release the 300 people when the Divine Doctors student arrived.

Even though the word help was used, the implied meaning was that it was a hostage exchange—One woman for 300 people.

That was a transaction, and it was one that could not be denied.

That was because the details of the transaction had been made public.

Following the case of the Divine Doctors missing student, it became the most talked-about topic.

That was how most ordinary people saw the situation.

A passenger ship had been taken.

There were over 300 of their countrymen on board.

The Divine Doctors student and the university professor went missing, most likely around the same time.

The organization that hijacked the passenger ship had requested that the Divine Doctors student be exchanged for the return of more than 300 compatriots.

For a time, there were all sorts of curses from the people.

Lu Xingzhi walked down the street.

Even the gentleman buying vegetables in the market was talking about that matter.

“I think the organization that hijacked the passenger ship did it on purpose.

They knew that the Divine Doctors student had gone missing.

They want her to treat their people.

Isnt that putting us under pressure” Who knows where the Divine Doctors student is now If someone knew, would people still be looking for her everywhere”

“I think that the people of that organization kidnaped her! Otherwise, why would they say that they wanted to look for her Maybe that is their excuse.

They just want to provoke our country!”

‘Thats right! Whats there to talk about We should be a little tougher.

We should send hundreds of thousands of soldiers over.

We should bring all the fighter jets and artillery shells over.

Wouldnt it be a matter of minutes to destroy a small organization If we destroy them, wont our compatriots come back Our country is cowardly and doesnt dare to fight.

Maybe those cowardly turtles think that its best if they can find the Divine Doctors student and send her over to exchange for more than 300 compatriots.

Those cowardly turtles definitely wont care what will happen to the Divine Doctors student when she is in the hands of those beasts.”

“Its quite worth it to exchange for more than 300 people,” someone at the side muttered.

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‘Worth it Why would a good doctor sacrifice himself to exchange for someone else Have you seen the news The doctor is pregnant, yet you still say its worth it..

Do you have a conscience Do you want a pregnant woman to exchange her life for someone else You want her and her son to die Why Did she offend you somehow”

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