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Chapter 2313: Dont Go Crazy

Master Cheng did not think Lu Xingzhi, who was holding his phone and texting Jiang Yao, would have time to greet him, so he sat down.

“It is pointless, no matter how loud Luo City is.

After all, Luo City is not particularly appealing.”

“Ive already made an agreement with Big Brother.

Tomorrow morning, all the major newspapers in Jindo City will report the news that Professor Ouyang and the Divine Doctor student have both gone missing for several days.

Then, at noon, they will start spreading the news from other first-tier cities and slowly spread it all over the country.

In two days, it will become household news.”

Lu Xingzhi curled the corners of his lips.

It was better to strike first.

Did the people of that organization not want to use their extreme methods to force the Divine Doctors student out of hiding

He wanted to let the whole world know that the student of the Divine Doctor had been missing for several days.

He wanted to see what the people of that organization would do.

“As long as you have made the arrangements, its fine.” Master Cheng was still very assured about the work of Lu Xingzhis brothers.

When he saw Lu

Xingzhis slightly disappointed expression, Master Cheng reminded him again, “1t is just acting.

Dont act like youve gone mad.

You should still take care of your injuries.

If she finds out that youre torturing yourself like this, shell be angry with you when she comes back.”

Lu Xingzhi raised his eyebrows and said,Just dont let her know in the next few days.

After a few days, Ill use the medicine she left behind.

She shouldnt be able to tell.

Of course, Lu Xingzhi knew there was a limit to acting, so he did not dare to reopen his wound.

If he acted like that, he would be done for when Jiang Yao returned.

Even though Jiang Yao was usually very good-tempered and rarely got angry, it would be difficult to appease her once she did.

He did not dare to cross that line.

“Ill return to Nanjiang City tomorrow.

Ill leave this to you.” Master Cheng glanced at Lu Xingzhi and then got up to leave.

“1s there anything I can bring for Jiang Yao”

“No, thank you for taking care of her, Master Cheng.” Lu Xingzhi wanted to bring a lot of things for Jiang Yao, but he could not buy them.

Nutrition products, her clothes, and shoes.

He wanted to bring her to a shopping mall; unfortunately, too many people were watching him then, so he could not go to those places.

Jiang Yao was in Nanjiang City.

Master Cheng had a luxury mansion in

Nanjiang City as well.

The location was in the middle of nowhere, halfway up a mountain.

Master Chengs men had been guarding it from the mountains base, so no one could get too close.

No one would find any trace of Jiang Yao if she did not leave the mansion.

“Sister.” Jiang Yao had not seen Lu Yuqing in a long time, so she was delighted to see her.

She noticed Lu Yuqing get out of the car and walk in from a distance.

Her gaze was fixed on Lu Yuqing.

It was getting cold in the south for autumn.

Lu Yuqing was wearing a khaki windbreaker and high heels.

“Your belly is much bigger, and you have put on a lot of weight.” Lu Yuqing looked at Jiang Yao with a smile in her eyes..

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