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Chapter 2299: Go, Then

There was no need to think about that at that point.

An extensive lineup was natural for the organizations former leader.

Master Cheng had previously investigated it and determined it was a serious matter.

“He did choose a good successor,” Lu Xingzhi sneered.

After obtaining such great power and money, many people wished that the person they were suppressing would die early.

That followed the same logic as elevating a retired emperor above the emperor.

No emperor would want a retired emperor to be above them.

However, the new boss of that organization did not appear to have such thoughts; he seemed to genuinely respect his godfather.

“When the news of the passenger ship being hijacked spreads, the news that they are looking for the Divine Doctor student will also spread.

You and Jiang Yao should be mentally prepared.

Under such circumstances, Jiang Yaos identity will be exposed eventually,” Liang Yueze said.

“When the news gets out, our people wont reveal Jiang Yaos identity, but the students at Nanjiang Medical University know about Jiang Yaos identity.

So, it cant be suppressed.

It will be publicized sooner or later.”


” Even though Lu Xingzhis response appeared brief, he was irritated.

He had previously assumed that the matter had nothing to do with him.

He had not anticipated them going for Jiang Yao.

After hanging up the phone, Lu Xingzhi stood in the courtyard for a while, then turned around and went straight to the bedroom.

When he opened the door and entered, he bumped into Jiang Yaos smiling face.

Lu Xingzhi stopped in his tracks and raised his hand to pat his head.

He seemed to have forgotten to go to Zhou Junmins place to get something.

“Where did you go just now” Jiang Yao walked toward Lu Xingzhi.

Her eyes scanned the surroundings, but she did not see anything that she wanted to see.

Then, she pouted unhappily, but she did not say it right away, and she did not ask for a gift either.

“1 made a phone call.

Im going to boil some water for you to take a bath.

“The weather is getting cold, so dont take too long.” After that, Lu Xingzhi turned around and quickly left the bedroom.

He thought he could only ask Zhou Junmin to deliver the things while Jiang Yao was taking a bath.


Jiang walked out of the study room to take over when she noticed Lu Xingzhi was about to boil water for Jiang Yao.


Jiang and Madam Cheng had been very busy all day, so Lu Xingzhi convinced her to rest.

“It is only a minor thing.

I will take care of it.

Youve been working all day.

You must be exhausted.

Return to your room and get some rest.”

“1m not tired.

Those chores wont be as tiring as the work in the countryside.

But Im happy that Yaoyao and Madam Cheng are getting along well.

” Mrs.

Jiang smiled.

Since Lu Xingzhi was quick with his actions, she let him do it.


Jiang knew Lu Xingzhis character well.

Whenever it came to Jiang Yao, Lu Xingzhi liked to do things for her himself.

However, he was still an injured patient.

Boiling water was not a heavy job, so Mrs.

Jiang did not argue with him.

She was used to resting early anyway.

After Lu Xingzhi finished boiling the water, he called for Jiang Yao.

After Jiang Yao took her shower, he called Zhou Junmin and told him to bring the things he had asked him to prepare.

Zhou Junmin jogged all the way there, standing at the door like a thief and poking his head out.

It was not until he saw Lu Xingzhi waving at him at the entrance to signal him to go in that he ran in with the things in his arms.

“Colonel, everything is ready!” Zhou Junmin stuffed the things into Lu

Xingzhis arms..

“Ill leave them to you and go, then”

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