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Chapter 2290: Holding Back

Wen Xuehui had only learned about it late last night from Gu Haoyu.

She had only heard him mention it the day before when she met him, so she had no time to prepare the gift.

Jiang Yao quickly finished the food in the bowl.

Then, she took the bowl and spoon in one hand and the phone in the other.

She strolled into the kitchen and put the bowl and spoon into the sink.

Then, she leaned against the sink and continued chatting with Wen Xuehui.

“By the way, what did your husband give you for your birthday” Wen Xuehui was still quite curious because, in her impression, Lu Xingzhi was a serious man with no hobby.

Wen Xuehui felt that the word romantic had little to do with Lu Xingzhi.

“Dont mention it.

If you mention it, Ill get angry.” Jiang Yao snorted.

“Ive already received so many gifts, but none from him.”

“Hes probably holding back his big move.” Wen Xuehui laughed and teased her.

Then, she changed to a solemn tone and said, “1 have a question to ask you.”

“What question” Jiang Yao was not used to her tone.

“If a person youve teased so many times that you think he must have blacklisted you in his book suddenly confessed to you.

What do you think he wants”

Wen Xuehui did not wait for Jiang Yao to speak and continued to say, “I think that person must be waiting for an opportunity to take revenge on me.

But, to be honest, using such a method to take revenge on a girl is a little too sinister.”

“Sinister and vicious.” Jiang Yao used the adjective that Wen Xuehui used embarrassedly.

‘Youd think so too, right “It seems that I have to stay away from him in the future.

Its a little scary.

How can there be such a narrow-minded man Isnt it too extra to take revenge because of a little teasing” Wen Xuehui muttered to herself.

Jiang Yao listened for a few seconds before she finally realized who Wen Xuehui was talking about.

“Wen Xuehui, did Gu Haoyu confess his feelings to you7„

Jiang Yao thought Wen Xuehui would deny it.

She did not expect Wen Xuehui to be so straightforvvard.

She immediately hung up the phone and did not explain a single word.

Jiang Yao held her phone in her hand, and the laughter in the kitchen could be heard in the living room.

Master Cheng and his son looked at each other and raised their eyebrows.

That was the first time they had heard Jiang Yao laugh so happily.

Lu Xingzhi had been leaning against the door for quite a while.

He had guarded the entrance since Jiang Yao went in with the bowl.

There was water on the kitchen floor, and he was worried that Jiang Yao would slip and fall.

However, the person on the phone did not even notice him.

“What did you tell Wen Xuehui about Second Brother” Lu Xingzhi asked after Jiang Yao hung up the phone.

Only then did Jiang Yao realize that he was at the door.

She put her phone into her pocket and walked over to Lu Xingzhi, laughing uncontrollably.

“Second Brother seemed to have confessed his feelings to Xuehui, but it scared her.

Xuehui thinks that Second Brother has ill intentions and wants to use that trick to take his revenge on her.”

Feeling inexplicably sorry for Gu Haoyu, Jiang Yao pinched Lu Xingzhis palm.

“That should be the first time in your second brothers life that he confessed to a girl, right Other people would either get rejected or accepted when they expressed their feelings.

But Wen Xuehui doesnt believe he likes her and is even on guard against him taking revenge on her..”

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