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Chapter 2285: Useful People

Everyone missed their distant family, and everyone missed their country.

The sinking of the cruise ship also sank their hopes of leaving the island.

The cries of the children were endless, but the mature faces were so terrified that they could not even cry.

“Boss, so many people are hiding on the island I think its a waste of our manpower.

Why dont we send a bunch of useless people to another island to be used as test subjects for those experimental bases It just so happens that we are shorthanded recently, right We have captured almost all the villagers nearby.

Furthermore, the doctors said that the effect of the reagent will be different if the race is different.”

More than a thousand people were crammed into a small warehouse, like sesame seeds on a piece of cheese.

The warehouses windows were tightly shut, and the smell inside was indescribable.

The person speaking had braids, and his rough voice was more frightening than the gun in his hand.

In his eyes, the people in the warehouse were like ants, not precious lives.

The person he called boss was wearing a khaki windbreaker, a black hat on his head, and a pair of spectacles on the bridge of his nose that covered half of his face.

“Are you sure that the Divine Doctor is dead” The man took off the spectacles as he spoke, exposing his dark eyes.


She died in an aviation accident.

All the major newspapers reported it, and there has been no news of the Divine Doctor after that.

Even his student has delivered a eulogy in her memory,” the braided man said.

“The Divine Doctors student is from Z country, so other than Z countrys people, the others should be useless.

Its a waste of space to keep them.”

“Then keep the useful ones.

Send the useless ones to where they should go.” After saying that, the man pressed the brim of his hat, turned around, and boarded a helicopter not far away.

Except for the two people talking, no one else knew that the people in the warehouse had been classified as useful or useless in less than five minutes.

Their fate would be completely different from then on.

Even though she was a little unhappy before going to bed, Jiang Yao was very happy when she woke up.

She woke up early.

When she opened her eyes, it was only half past six, and Lu Xingzhi was no longer by her side.

When Jiang Yao opened the door and walked out, she noticed the person on the sofa speaking quietly.

She was taken aback.

She had not anticipated Cheng Jinnians family arriving so early.

“Sister, youre awake!” Cheng Jinnian immediately jumped from the sofa when he heard the sound from Jiang Yaos bedroom.

He ran over to Jiang Yao and hugged Jiang Yaos thigh.

In a childish voice, he said, “Sister, Happy Birthday!”

Jiang Yao realized that Cheng Jinnian was, for the most part, no different from other children her age as she observed him.

He was still as childish as before.Continue read full chapters at website:Bon n o v e l.c0m

The birthday girl was in a good mood that morning, so she paid attention to Cheng Jinnian.

She patted his head, which had been styled with oil, and she narrowed her eyes with a smile.

She asked in a lazy voice, “Have you prepared a gift for me

‘Yes!” Cheng Jinnian nodded repeatedly and then quickly ran back to the sofa.

He took a scroll painting and handed it to Jiang Yao.

“Sister, I drew it myself.

Its for you.”

Jiang Yao was surprised.

She was just asking casually, but she did not expect Cheng Jinnian to prepare a gift for her..

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