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Chapter 2282: More Than 1,000 People

Lu Xingzhi was worried about Jiang Yaos birthday present.

Jiang Yao went to university as usual during those two days.

When he had time, Lu Xingzhi would call a few of his brothers and inquire about giving his wife a birthday gift.

Unfortunately, none of Lu Xingzhis four brothers had any useful suggestions for him.

Only his fourth brother stood a chance among Lu Xingzhis brothers.

The rest had rough relationships, so Lu Xingzhi approached Zhou Weiqi.

Unfortunately, Zhou Weiqi had many ideas, but Jiang Yao would not like them.

When Jiang Yao woke up every morning, she could not stop pulling out her phone to check her calendar.

On her birthday, she scribbled a note.

That was Jiang Yaos first actual birthday in two lifetimes.

It was impossible to say she was not excited about it.

Jiang Yaos birthday happened to fall on a Saturday.

When she returned home on Friday night, Jiang Yaos mood was inexplicably high.

She was so happy sitting on the sofa watching TV that she would hum songs.

Jiang Lei stayed here for two more days after learning that Jiang Yao would celebrate her birthday.

He went out on Friday, and when he returned, he had something extra in his hand.

Jiang Yao had been staring at the thing in his hand with excitement since he returned.

She knew it was a birthday gift for her, but he refused to show it to her ahead of time.

‘Yaoyao, you should get some rest tonight.” Madam Cheng and the others will arrive around 10 a.m.

tomorrow.” Mrs.

Jiangs face was beaming with delight.

‘Madam Cheng said she would like to make a 20-layer cake for you.”

For example, Madam Cheng had missed Jiang Yaos daughters birthday for the past 20 years.

Jiang Yao moved her lips, but she did not say anything and simply nodded.

She blinked as she turned to face Lu Xingzhi.

“1 still have the option of staying in bed tomorrow morning.”

Lu Xingzhi raised his brows and curled his lips.

He pretended several times that he did not know what Jiang Yao had been looking for in the bedroom since she returned from the university.


Jiang scolded Jiang Yao with a smile, “You are not allowed to stay in bed tomorrow.

When you wake up in the morning, I will make noodles and eggs for you.

You are about to become a mother, yet you are shameless.

Noodles and eggs were special gifts every child in the Jiang family would receive on their birthday.


Jiangs noodles were particularly lively.

They were dyed red, and a bowl of noodles looked festive with the addition of two eggs.

The phone in Lu Xingzhis pocket rang just as he was about to speak up for his wife.

He took it out and saw that it was Master Cheng.

Lu Xingzhi assumed Master Cheng wanted to talk about Jiang Yaos birthday with him, so he picked it up without hesitation.Please read this chapter on our website:Bon n o v e l.com.Thanks

“I recently learned that the organization has hijacked a passenger ship.

The ship is home to over a thousand people.

Many believe they kidnapped those people to use them in human experiments.” Master Chengs tone was solemn.

“Back then, we discovered some used syringes in the mountains, and the reagents exist.”

After a pause, Master Cheng said, “Out of the 1000 people, more than 300 were from our country.

They were members of a tour group.”

The number of people kidnapped was shocking, so that matter had not made the news yet.

The relevant departments suppressed it and did not dare to let it spread for the time being..

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