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Chapter 2278: I Dont Know

Professor Ouyang left after finishing his speech, leaving behind Liu Chao and the others who cried out in agony.

Jiang Yao was a former student of Professor Ouyang, so she was well aware of how he instilled courage in his students.

Even though she did not like every single student there, Jiang Yao, as a former student, carefully told them what they needed to pay attention to.

“First of all, Professor Ouyang told you to buy food.

Its not a lie.

Its impossible to cook in the specimen room, so youd better buy some bread and milk.

Of course, instant noodles are also good.

Theres an office where you can get hot water.

“Secondly, in addition to thick coats, I advise you to bring blankets and prepare to sleep on the floor at night.

“Thirdly, based on my understanding of Professor Ouyang, he will give a test.”

Jiang Yao walked away after she finished speaking, leaving behind a few mournful voices that had nothing to do with her.

Jiang Yao could not stay in the specimen room at night because she had to return to the army, so she did not need to bring a blanket.

Even though the temperature in the specimen room was lower than outside, Jiang Yao wore a thin coat.

She went out and bought some bread and milk to satisfy her hunger.

Only Professor Ouyang was present when Jiang Yao entered the specimen room.

The specimen room had a mock operating table with a corpse on it.

No, it was not a body but a teacher.

Yes, they would call those corpses teachers to thank them for donating their bodies to train countless doctors, benefiting the living people in that world.

“Theres no need for you to come here.” Professor Ouyang glanced at Jiang Yao when he heard the movement at the door.

‘You dont need to pass the test.”

Professor Ouyang did not feel the need to put Jiang Yao to the test because a

woman who could accompany Lu Xingzhi through life and death would pass it easily.

Pregnant women had an insatiable appetite.

Jiang Yao took out some bread and took a few bites while talking to Professor Ouyang.

Then, she lowered her head and looked at the condition of the teacher on the operating table.

Professor Ouyang had opened the corpses chest cavity so the students could better look.

When Jing Mengjie and the others entered, they smelled a rotten odor.

They nearly puked when they took two steps forward.

Jiang Yao found it fascinating.

Lu Xingzhi received a text message from her.

The text messages content was somewhat boastful.

[Professor Ouyang brought them to the specimen room.

As soon as they came in, they vomited so much that they almost fainted.

Guess what Im doing now]

Lu Xingzhi had more free time at home than anyone else, so he replied very quickly.

[I dont know.]

Jiang Yao burst into laughter when she saw that reply.

Then, she looked at the bread in her hand.

Even though the phones pixel was not very good, she still snapped a photo of the bread in her hand that she had taken a few bites.

Then, she sent it to Lu Xingzhi as a text message.

Lu Xingzhi attempted to zoom in on the photo after receiving the text message.

Only then did he notice that the dark ball resembled bread.

It also bore Jiang Yaos imprint.

The fingers holding the bread were also beautiful; Lu Xingzhi recognized them as Jiang Yaos fingers at a glance.

Everyone was so frightened by the specimen room that they could not stop vomiting.

Meanwhile, his wife was sitting there, playing with her phone, texting, and video calling him.

Most importantly, she was still holding food in her hands..

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