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Chapter 2275: Go And Ask

“I did not expect people to be interested in you.

Maybe Mom can find a wife for you among those peoples older and younger sisters.”

“Go, go, go.

Why would you laugh at your brother like that” Jiang Lei said, “If I change into a set of clothes that I wear when I work at home, I think there will be a few people who will pay attention to me along the way.”

That was the first time Jiang Lei had encountered such a situation, so he was also shocked.

After walking for a long distance, he would secretly turn around to see if there were still people following him.

After confirming that there was no one behind him, Jiang Lei continued to say to Jiang Yao, “When you have time, call Lu Xiaoxiao to confirm the relationship between her and that man.

Have they started dating Men in big cities are fickle.

Second Uncle Lu is very busy.

I have to help him keep an eye on Lu Xiaoxiao.”Continue read full chapters on our website:Bon n o v e l.com

“If you want to Imow, you can ask her yourself.

Xiaoxiao is straightforward.

If she is dating someone, she wouldnt have kept it a secret.” Jiang Yao did not quite understand why Jiang Lei insisted on her calling Lu Xiaoxiao to ask.

“If I ask you to ask, then go ahead and ask.

Its as if Ive doted on you so much for nothing.

I asked you to do one little thing, but youre not willing” Jiang Lei patted Jiang Yaos head.

His movements were not heavy, but the expression was solemn.

Jiang Yao curled her lips and got into the car.

She wondered if Jiang Lei and Lu Xiaoxiao would continue arguing endlessly.

He was afraid to ask Lu Xiaoxiao.

Would Lu Xiaoxiao think his concerns were to get back at her for breaking his relationship with his ex-girlfriend

Jiang Yao arrived at the university a few minutes late because of a minor incident on the road.

However, Professor Ouyang had not arrived yet, but Wu Boyan and the others were already in the classroom.

Jiang Yao stood at the door and coincidentally heard the person inside mention her name.

Jiang Yaos footsteps subconsciously stopped.

The person who mentioned Jiang Yaos name was Jing Mengjie.

As she wiped the table, she said to Wang Meiyu, “Do you all know about Li Hong I heard that Changkang Groups lawyers are very powerful.

Li Hong was sentenced to many years in jail.

Before Li Hong was sentenced, she couldnt find a decent job in Luo City.

The last time I met her in a mall, she was with a man who could have been her father.

“1s he a boyfriend or a sugar daddy” Wang Meiyus question was quite direct.

“He should be a boyfriend, right Maybe hes divorced or widowed She cant be so depraved to destroy other peoples families, right Could he be someone elses lover” Jing Mengjie felt that Li Hong would not have gone that far.

The other three men remained silent on that topic.

They had not seen Li Hong since she was forced to drop out of university.

However, they were all shocked that Li Hong would do such a thing.

“I think that Changkang Group is really capable.

Such a big company, but they destroyed a university student like Li Hong so cruelly.

Also, Miss Jiang is quite something too,” Jing Mengjie remarked flatly.

“Isnt Miss Jiang on good terms with the Changkang Group Why doesnt she help Li Hong deal with that matter Wasnt it only a document”

“What do you mean only a document” Liu Chao disagreed with Jing Mengjies words..

“For example, will you be angry if someone else used your thesis as theirs”

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