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Chapter 2259: Need Some Training

They were all shouting so loudly that it was deafening.

The flower bouquets were so bright that Jiang Yaos eyes were drawn to them.

Those genuine and simple expressions were incomparably moving.

They let them in after shouting the slogans.

After Jiang Yao assisted Lu Xingzhi in walking into the base, they blocked the path they took like the tide.

Loud shouts accompanied Jiang Yao and Lu Xingzhis every move.

Lu Xingzhi tightened his grip on Jiang Yaos hand and halted.

His eyes were glistening.

Even though his expression remained neutral, Jiang Yao sensed that he, too, was moved.

“A bunch of b*stards.” Lu Xingzhi finally smiled.

However, in the next second, his words caused everyone to complain.

“Do you have nothing to do Dont you have anything else to do in the morning” At the same time, Lu Xingzhi let go of Jiang Yaos hand.

He stood in the middle of the crowd.

“Attention! At ease! Everyone, listen up! Stay where you are and do one-handed push-ups.

Raise the flowers above your head with one hand.

Each of you will do 50 push-ups.

No one is allowed to be left behind.

Once you are done, go back and continue your training! I will make a training plan for anyone who is lazy tomorrow!”

“Colonel, you are not being kind! We came here to welcome you back to the base, and you tricked us! ”

“Colonel, you cant do that! You will lose our love and respect for you!”


Lu! Mrs.

Lu! Help us! Mrs.

Lu, help us plead for mercy.


Lu, you are the kindest! Mrs.

Lu, we love you! ”

“You need some training” Lu Xingzhi kicked the person closest to him, but it was just for show.

He did not really kick him.

“I would like you guys to welcome me in a practical way, such as doing 50 kilometers of stretching exercises at night.”

“Spare me!” Zhou Junmin was the first to lie down on the ground and immediately did push-ups.

Once Zhou Junmin did that, the person behind him also quickly did the same.

Fifty one-handed push-ups and fifty kilometers of nighttime training.

Even a fool would know which option to select.

The former was only slightly sweating, whereas the latter would kill them.

Lu Xingzhi noticed they had completed a few push-ups before summoning

Jiang Yao and her parents.

There were gasps behind them, but Lu Xingzhi moved quickly.

He did not try to hide the joy in his eyes.

Jiang Yao was also aware that Lu Xingzhi was teasing them.

To those elite soldiers, fifty one-handed push-ups were nothing.

It was only a matter of minutes.

Even Lu Xingzhi could easily perform fifty push-ups at that moment.


Lu had already washed the fruits and was waiting for them to return when they arrived home.


Lu smiled as she poured tea for the four of them as they entered.

Even though Moes pillow had been washed and dried, he could smell the fragrant scent of washing powder when he lay down quietly.

He rolled around in his bed because he was so happy.

Lu Xingzhi sat down and drank some water.

He was looking for something.

Jiang Yao could not help but notice his movements were too obvious.

“What are you looking for” Jiang Yao tugged at Lu Xingzhis sleeve and asked.

“An empty vase.

Put the flowers in it.

It looks good,” Lu Xingzhi urged.

“Do we have an empty vase at home If we dont, throw away the dried flowers in the cabinet.”

Jiang Yao did not want to be taken advantage of by that bunch of plastic flowers.

Lu Xingzhi probably thought that he had said something that made his wife happy.

Jiang Yaos mouth twitched, but she could not laugh..

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