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Chapter 2258: Welcome Back

When Lu Xingzhi was discharged from the hospital, Big Ke and Ah Lu picked him up.

The car arrived at the army bases entrance.

They could not see anything else but a crowd.

“The man in the front appears to be Zhou Junmin.” Jiang Yao yelled, raising her hand to tap on the window.

“What is he doing standing there with that crowd”

“I dont know.” Lu Xingzhi reached out and pulled Jiang Yaos hand back.

Then, he took the lead in opening the car door and getting out.

He realized the people standing at the door were all members of his regiment as he got out of the car.

They walked closer to Lu Xingzhi.

Zhou Junmin, as expected, was at the front of the crowd.

His smile was as bright as an autumn sunflower.

The only thing missing was the wrinkles on his face.

“What are you all doing here” Even though Lu Xingzhi was injured, he stood there with a cold face.

His cold voice was still very intimidating.

Zhou Junmin chuckled.

His hands, which had been behind his back, appeared to have conjured a bouquet of plastic flowers.

The bright plastic flowers swayed stiffly in the breeze.

Then Zhou Junmin handed the bouquet to Lu Xingzhi and exclaimed loudly, Congratulations on getting discharged! I wish you eternal longevity! ”

Lu Xingzhi took a step back and furrowed his brows.

He hid his hands in his pockets.

He had no intention of taking them out to receive the flowers.

Jiang Yao stood behind Lu Xingzhi, stifling her laughter.

She could not take it anymore.


Why did he not just say he would pay Colonel Lus salary for him to leave the hospital “Long live Colonel Lu!” Long live Colonel Lu

While Jiang Yao was holding back her laughter, Zhou Junmin blinked at Lu Xingzhi awkvvardly when he noticed he had not picked up the flower.

He whispered, “Colonel, please take these flowers as soon as possible.

I will be embarrassed if you do not take them.”

Lu Xingzhis heart was filled with disappointment.

Why would a man accept flowers

Seeing Zhou Junmins eagerness, Lu Xingzhi still reluctantly accepted the flowers.

But as soon as he took the flowers, he handed them to Jiang Yao , who was standing behind him.

“Here you go.” Lu Xingzhi did not even turn to look at her as he stretched his hand.

“I dont want it.” Jiang Yao shook her head.

“Thats for you by Zhou Junmin.

Take it yourself.”

‘Just take it.

Why are you talking so much” Lu Xingzhi stuffed the flower at

They raised the fake plastic flowers in their hands above their heads.

They yelled, “Welcome back, Colonel Lu! Welcome back, Mrs.

Lu! Youre the best, Colonel Lu! Youre the best, Mrs.


A large group of men yelled simultaneously, almost knocking the sleeping birds off the trees..

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