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Chapter 2255: About What

The lawyer came over to pick up the items and quickly left.

Lu Xingzhi inquired about the status of the case and did not interfere too much when he saw that the lawyer was confident.

It was Qin Qin.

Qin Qin arrived alone, carrying a fruit basket and some nutritional supplements.

She stood elegantly at the door, wearing seven-inch high heels, and knocked.

“Sister Qin!” Jiang Yao invited her in, surprised.

“What brings you here so suddenly”

“Im free, and I know that Xingzhi is hospitalized here, so I came to visit.” Qin

Qin put the nutritional supplements on the table.

She refused to let Jiang

Yaotake them.

After all, they were a little heavy; she was afraid Jiang Yao would get tired.

“Even though I divorced Liang Yuekai, I still have a good relationship with you guys.

I cant cut off all contact with the people related to him just because I divorced him.

Besides, we got divorced amicably.

Therefore, we can still have mutual friends.

In terms of being open-minded and cheerful, Qin Qin was more so than anyone Jiang Yao knew.

She was even more accepting than Zheng Yi.

“You look well, Lu Xingzhi.” Qin Qin smiled at Lu Xingzhi, then turned to Jiang Yao and said, “By the way, do you have any other friends visiting I just met a man at the stairway who asked the nurse about your situation.”

“About what” Jiang Yao looked at Lu Xingzhi, embarrassed.

She stuck out her tongue at him.

“About what” Jiang Yao looked at Lu Xingzhi, embarrassed.

She stuck out her tongue at him.

“They asked if you had a miscarriage.

Dont you think that person is very strange When did he hear you had a miscarriage and come to the hospital to ask about it “Qin Qin frowned.

She stood there and listened for a while because she thought the question the person asked was strange.

Ordinary people who came to the hospital to visit patients would only inquire about the patients condition.

Even if pregnant women were admitted to the hospital, they would not inquire whether it was a miscarriage.

Lu Xingzhis face darkened when he heard it.

“Sister Qin, you met him at the stairvvay Do you still remember what they looked like” Jiang Yaos nerves tensed immediately, and a guess formed in her heart.continue read new chapter at B0n n0vel.c0m

“I remember him.” Qin Qin nodded and walked out of the ward.

She exclaimed in surprise and waved at Jiang Yao.

“That person is still standing there.

Come and see if you recognize him.

That person seems to be walking over here.”

Jiang Yao wanted to walk out, but Lu Xingzhi pulled her back.

“Stay here.”

Then, Lu Xingzhi rushed out of the room.

That shifty person was also vigilant..

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