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Chapter 2254: Its Only The Beginning

Master Cheng had a son with his first wife.

He was in his forties when he had a son with his second wife.

Even though Master Cheng adored Cheng Jinnian, he secretly desired a daughter.

However, Madam Cheng and Master Cheng were both old, so there was no need to consider having a daughter.

It was a good idea to have a granddaughter.

It was already past four oclock in the evening when she awoke.

Jiang Yao sat up because she was so tired.

She scratched her head and muttered, “What time is it” Then, she saw the people in the ward.

“Its past eight in the morning.” It was rare for Mrs.

Lu to see Jiang Yao in such a daze, so she teased Jiang Yao.

Jiang Yao looked outside and then looked at Lu Xingzhi.

“Then, can we check out of the hospital”

Lu Xingzhi could not stop smiling.

He realized Jiang Yao truly believed it was eight in the morning.

She had slept too long, so she probably thought she had slept the whole night.

“Okay, I will stop teasing you.

Mrs.” Lu could not stop herself from laughing.

“It is four in the afternoon.

That nap has dulled your mind.”

“1 feel like Ive been pregnant for three years, and its just the beginning,” Jiang Yao mumbled before she put on her shoes and got out of bed.

“When did you wake up Why didnt you wake me up”

“I didnt wake you up because I saw you sleep soundly.” Lu Xingzhi approached

Jiang Yao and stroked her unkempt hair.

“I have already purchased tickets for our parents to return tomorrow afternoon.”

While Jiang Yao slept, Lu Xingzhi arranged those trivial matters.


Lu had wanted to stay for a few more days, but it was Lu Xingzhi who persuaded her to go back.

Ill return to the army base after dinner,” Mrs.

Lu said.

“He wants you to accompany him in the hospital tonight.

If you want to go home and rest, you dont have to worry about him.

I can stay here too.

Jiang Yao sighed helplessly.

Then, her phone rang, and she went to pick it up.

The call was from Changkang Groups lawyer, asking if Jiang Yao was in the hospital.

“Im here.

You can come now.

Ive already made a backup of the recording.

You can take it as soon as you come over,” Jiang Yao replied as she carried her backpack to look for it.

Then, she took out a memory card.

There was a recording of the phone call that Li Hong had made to Jiang Yao before Lu Xingzhis accident.

When Jiang Yao received the phone call from Li Hong, she recorded it.

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The lawyer was preparing to sue Li Hong and Li Hongs classmate in two days.

The matter concerned Changkang Group.

It was impossible for that matter to be settled so quickly.

If others were to find out, they would think that Changkang Group and its legal department were useless..

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