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Chapter 2249: Hes Important Too

Thanks to the thermos bucket, the soup was still hot when they arrived at the hospital.

Jiang Yao handed the spoon over to Lu Xingzhi, reminding him, “Its hot.

Drink it with caution.

I even brought you some grilled pork buns.

Eat two to satisfy your cravings.”

When Jiang Yao prepared those things for him, Lu Xingzhi stared at Jiang Yao without blinking.

Or rather, since Jiang Yao entered the room, Lu Xingzhi had never looked away.

He took the spoon from Jiang Yaos grasp, lowered his head, and sipped.

He praised, “Its very fresh.” Then, after a pause, he quickly asked, “How was your lunch What did you talk about”

“Even though the meal in that restaurant was a little pricey, it was delicious.

The restaurant also provided me with a thermos.” Jiang Yao sat beside Lu

Xingzhi and briefly summarized the topics discussed at the table before saying, “1 have decided to interact with the Cheng family because they have been too kind to me.

They are so good that I cant think of anything to keep them away.”

Jiang Yaos hand was fiddling with Lu Xingzhis clothes.

“Although I knew I couldnt blame Madam Cheng for abandoning me, I felt bad when I refused to forgive her.

I didnt want to keep in touch with her, but I couldnt stop myself.

In fact, I felt bad every time I saw her change her expression due to my words.

She looked at me and talked to me during lunch, making me feel worse.

Madam Cheng is the woman Master Cheng pampers, but she is afraid of making me angry because I am always careful with her.

She doesnt have to be that way.”

‘Madam Cheng is being so careful because she loves me so much.” Jiang Yao pouted and let go of Lu Xingzhis clothes.

She touched her belly.

“When we went to Lanning that day, she hugged me and cried.

She touched my belly.

I couldnt forget it even after we got on the plane.

So, I dont want to hate her anymore.

In fact, shes very nice.

Shes a good person, and she treats me well.

“Then dont hate her.

If you want to have a relationship with her, then have a relationship with her.

If you dont want to have a relationship with her, then Ill repay the favor I owe the Cheng family.” Lu Xingzhi brought the spoon to Jiang Yaos lips and asked, “How much did you eat at lunch”Continue read on B0nn0vel.c0m.Thank

‘VA whole bowl of rice.” Jiang Yao narrowed her eyes and smiled.

She opened her mouth and drank the soup from the spoon in one gulp.

Then, she pushed Lu Xingzhis hand back.

“Drink it.

Oh, right, you said that Big Brother needed something.

Whats the matter”

Lu Xingzhi was not in a hurry to say anything.

Instead, he opened the meat and ate the meat bun.

He waited until he could not eat before closing the thermos and muttering that he could eat another meal in the evening.

Then, he said, “Big Brother Liang called me just now and asked me and you to keep an eye on his ex-wife.

He said that since we are in the city, we should see her more in the future.

After Lu Xingzhi said that, Jiang Yao blinked and grunted.

Then, she waited for Lu Xingzhi to continue.

However, after waiting for a few seconds, Lu Xingzhi did not speak.

She asked in surprise, “Thats it Is that it”

“Yes, thats it.” Lu Xingzhi nodded.continue read new chapter at Bon novel.c0m

“Didnt you mention something about Big Brother” Jiang Yao had a doubtful look on her face.

“Did I say Big Brother Oh, then maybe I was wrong.

It was Big Brother Liang who called me.

But he is also our big brother, so hes important too.

Theres nothing wrong with what I said,” Lu Xingzhi explained..

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