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Chapter 2244: Said Something

Liang Yuekai was not Liang Yueze.

Lu Xingzhi and Liang Yuekai were not as close as Lu Xingzhi with Liang Yueze.

He respected Liang Yuekai, just like how Liang Yueze treated his big brother.

“There is something.” Liang Yuekai paused for a few seconds.

He was probably considering how to say what he wanted to say.

After a moment of silence, he said, “Qin Qin and I are divorced.

I heard that she went to Luo City University to teach.

I remember Jiang Yao is also taking her postgraduate studies with Professor Ouyang at L University.

She is Professor Ouyangs assistant.

I think that you and Jiang Yao are both in Luo City now.

I will have to trouble the two of you to take care of Qin Qin.”

Lu Xingzhi had a question for Liang Yueze.

Was that what he meant when he said that he remembered He had to have asked around, right

“Yaoyao met her at the university last night.” Lu Xingzhi was surprised that Liang Yuekai called him to explain that matter to him specifically.

“Thats good.” Liang Yuekai hung up after thanking him.

He was on a business trip, so he could only make a personal call when he had time to eat.

Lu Xingzhi returned his phone to the side and tried to recall Liang Yuekai and

Qin Qin, but he could not come up with anything after thinking for a long time.

He did not have much contact with Liang Yuekai and his wife.

After all, Liang Yuekai was always busy.

Qin Qin, on the other hand, looked like she could talk to anyone.

However , it was not easy to enter her social circle.

No one could join her social circle.

Lu Xingzhi knew that Liang Yuekai and Qin QinS marriage was a union of two families.

The two couples had no feelings before marriage and appeared to have no feelings afterward.

It was unexpected that they would divorce, but it did not seem all that surprising.

The two families relationship had long been unbreakable after so many years.

It was natural for Qin Qin to propose divorce to Liang Yuekai at the time.

Lu Xingzhi remembered Liang Yuekai had just mentioned Jiang Yao on the phone.

He sat there and, for some reason, smiled.

He quickly grabbed his phone and dialed Jiang Yaos number.

Jiang Yao quickly picked up the phone.

She picked up the phone after only three beeps.

‘When will you be back”

“The food has just been served.” Jiang Yao looked at the table, lowered her voice, and asked, “What is wrong Mom said she made noodle soup for you in the cafeteria.

He could not have been hungry.

Lu Xingzhi reflected on that.

Fortunately, he was not planning on using that reason.

“Big Brother called me and said something.

He wanted me to tell you about it.” Lu Xingzhi changed the way he addressed Liang Yuekai and said the exclusive way he addressed Liang Yueze.

It was so that Jiang Yao would misunderstand that he was talking about Liang Yueze and not Liang Yuekai.

“Big Brother” Jiang Yao paused when she heard that it was Liang Yueze.


“1ts quite important.

Its hard to say over the phone, so I asked when youll be back,” Lu Xingzhi said.

“Ill tell you when youre back.

Its easier to talk face-to-face.”

“1s it urgent If its not urgent, Ill come over after dinner.” Then, she said, “This restaurant makes a delicious balsamic pear beef soup.

Ill get one for you after dinner.

Lu Xingzhi felt much better hearing that Jiang Yao was still thinking about him.

“1ts hard to say whether its urgent or not.

Its fine.

You should eat first.”read new chapter at B o n n o v e l.com

Lu Xingzhi purposefully answered ambiguously.

He had finished telling Jiang Yao what he had discovered, but he could not bear hanging up the phone, so he could ask what else she had eaten for lunch..

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