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Chapter 2243: Im Not Your Wife

If you keep spending money like this, will your husbands salary be enough Even though the Lu family is wealthy, you cant spend money like that.

You Two are young; you cant always ask your parents for money,” Mr.

Jiang scolded Jiang Yao.

“Your mother and I can wear simple clothes to keep us warm.

Why are you spending so much money to buy those”

“Dad, Mom, you guys are really different from others.” Jiang Yao smiled.

“Other peoples parents encourage their daughters to spend their husbands money.

Its even better to use their in-laws money.

Why are you guys trying to persuade me not to ask them for money”

“What kind of children do we have Our children will never ask for money.” Mr.

Jiang sounded serious.

“Dont think that your in-laws money is yours.

Otherwise, I will teach you a lesson.”

Jiang Yao leaned on Mr.

Jiangs shoulder and giggled.

“Your daughter is not that kind of person.

Xingzhi and I didnt ask his parents for money to spend.

He is very good at making money, and your daughter is not bad either.”

No one in the family knew how many assets Jiang Yao possessed, and Jiang Yao did not make it public, so Mr.

and Mrs.

Jiang truly believed Jiang Yao was spending Lu Xingzhis salary.

However, Jiang Yao did not touch Lu Xingzhis salary.

The salary provided by the army was insufficient for the two of them.

Jiang Yao had made a reservation for lunch at the restaurant.

She sent the address and time to Master Cheng via text message.

Then she called Mrs.


She inquired whether she should get Big Ke and Ah Lu to pick them up.

The ward was suddenly empty after Master Cheng and the others left.


Lu had left Lu Xingzhi to eat the noodle soup she had bought from the hospital cafeteria.

Jiang Yao returned to university late that night.

Lu Xingzhi had waited a long time before calling Jiang Yao to find out when she would return from her meal.

When the nurse arrived to clean up, she discovered that Lu Xingzhi was the only patient in the ward.

She was taken aback for a moment and asked, “Colonel Lu, where is your wife Why didnt we see her at noon today”

Everyone in the hospital knew that Colonel Lu and his wife were very close.

The two stayed together all day, so no one would go into Lu Xingzhis ward to disturb them.

“She went out for lunch.” Lu Xingzhi sighed and ate the last mouthful of noodles in his bowl.

When he heard his phone ring, he quickly picked it up and said, “Wife”

At the time, it was lunchtime.

Lu Xingzhi assumed Jiang Yao had remembered him during lunch, so she called to see if he had eaten or what he wanted to eat and had it packed and delivered to him.

However, it was Liang Yuekai.

He was so shocked when he heard Lu Xingzhi call his wife that he almost dropped his phone into his soup.

“Im Liang Yuekai,” Liang Yuekai explained seriously.

“1m not your wife.”

Lu Xingzhi removed the phone from his ear and examined it.

It was Liang Yuekais phone number.

Then, his lips twitched.

“Brother Liang, what is the matter” he asked, returning the phone to his ear..

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