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Chapter 2239: You

“You told him last night What did Xingzhi say” Jiang Yao suppressed the emotions in her heart.

She thought she had covered it up fast enough, but she did not know that Mrs.

Lu already knew what she was thinking.

Jiang Yao shook her head again.

“I got it.”

In reality, that question was pointless.

Lu Xingzhi most likely did not respond to Mrs.

Lu, so he did not get a good nights sleep.


Lu exhaled a sigh.

“He will undoubtedly ask you again in the future.

I know what you are thinking, Yaoyao.

You do not want to complicate things for him, so you have to complicate things for yourself.

That is not necessary.

Thistime, I will be the villain.”


Lu patted Jiang Yaos hand on the back.


There was nothing else she could say, but it was enough to convey Mrs.

Lus and Jiang Yaos helplessness.

“You give in to him in everything.” It was the Lu familys fortune to have such a daughter-in-law.

Even so, Mrs.

Lu could not help but feel sorry for Jiang Yao.

She must have had the same thought.

She wanted Lu Xingzhi to leave the army, but she could not bear making things difficult for Lu Xingzhi, so she did not say or mention anything.

She even cared for Lu Xingzhi in the hospital as if nothing had happened.

When Jiang Yao first married into the Lu family, she did not feel as if she belonged to the family.

It was the same thing with Lu Xingzhi.

At that time, Mrs.

Lu was worried that her daughter-in-law would never be able to fit in with the Lu family and that she would be separated from them.

Jiang Yaos transformation surprised and delighted her.

However, when she thought about it, she felt the same way.

“1ts cold here.

Remember to buy a silk scarf when you go out,” Mrs.

Lu said.

“1t can keep your neck warm.

Winter will arrive soon.

Remember to wear thick clothes.

If you have a headache or fever while pregnant, you will have to endure it.

You cant take any medicine.”

Jiang Yao smiled and nodded.

Her physique had always been perfect after she had the medical system.

She was rarely ill, let alone had a headache or fever.

That was even less of an issue.

Jiang Yaos mood improved significantly when she returned upstairs.

Lu Xingzhi was reading a newspaper in the ward.

When Jiang Yao and Mrs.

Lu went in, he raised his eyes and glanced at the two, but he did not say anything.

After just one glance, he withdrew his eyes and continued to read the newspaper in his hand.


Jiang and Mrs.

Jiang sat on the chairs at the side and used Lu Xingzhis cell phone to call their son and daughter-in-law in their hometown.

It was the weekend, so Jiang Jie and his wife did not have to go to work.

After Jiang Yao went in, she moved closer to Mr.

Jiang and Mrs.


She sat next to Mr.

Jiang and called out to her brother from the phone.

When Jiang Jie heard Jiang Yaos voice, he laughed.


Jiang handed the cell phone to Jiang Yao, saying, “Talk to your brother.

He wants to take two days off work to visit you and Xingzhi.”read new chapter at Bon novel.com

Jiang Yao grinned and took the phone.

“1ts not so easy to take a leave of absence, right Why do you want to visit us”

“It should be fine.

You and Xingzhi have had a series of accidents these past few days.

Your sister-in-law and I have been worried about you.

I wanted to go the last time you had an accident, but I couldnt get away.

Yesterday, Jiang Jie told me that Lu Xingzhi was also injured, so we couldnt sit still.

By the way, you havent seen your nephew yet, right Your sister-in-law has given me a chubby son, and he wanted to meet his aunty..”

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