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Chapter 2238: Joyful

Professor Ouyang had found out all that by himself.

“Im not sure if that information is completely correct, but if it involves the military and those messy sections, you can ask your husband.”

“Chen Qijie Professor, you can ask him if hes dreaming.” Jiang Yao sneered.

If it were not for him, Xingzhi would not have been injured and caught.

“He should consider himself lucky that I didnt kill him.”

Jiang Yao did not hide her hatred for Chen Qijie at all.

“I cant help him, and I dont want to help him.

I dont even want to look at him.”

“Okay.” Professor Ouyang rarely saw Jiang Yao lose her temper like that, so he did not ask further.

“I got it.”

After the news of the Divine Doctors death had spread, Lu Xingzhi and the Liang family hid Jiang Yaos identity as the Divine Doctors student.

Therefore, not everyone could discover Jiang Yaos identity.

Not to mention the distance between Nanjiang City and Lanning.

Jiang Yao dropped off Professor Ouyang and drove her parents to the hospital after breakfast.

Lu Xingzhi and Mrs.

Lu were already awake when the three of them arrived.


Lu did not appear to be in a good mood.

She did not sleep well in the hospital.

‘Mom, are people walking around the hospital corridor at night disturbing your sleep You can go back and sleep for a while,” Jiang Yao said.

“Ill take care of him during the day.”

‘Yeah, Im old and a light sleeper.

I woke up whenever someone passed by.” Mrs.

Lu smiled helplessly to cover it up.

She could not sleep because of her son, Lu Xingzhi.

“There are quite many family members here.

Its a bit noisy at night.

Ill stay here tonight.

I sleep very well.

Even if Im woken up, I can fall asleep in a few seconds.” Jiang Yao smiled.

“Mom, please, I dont want to be separated from Xingzhi.

I didnt talk to him much last night.

Im not used to it.”

“Okay.” Mrs.

Lu nodded.

She had other things on her mind, so she agreed immediately.

After breakfast, Mrs.

Lu asked Jiang Yao to accompany her for a walk She also went to buy some daily necessities.

Jiang Yao did not doubt her.

She looked at Lu Xingzhi, who had been silent all morning.

She was puzzled while she walked out of the ward with Mrs.


‘What do you need Theres a shop nearby.

Everything is quite well-stocked and of good quality.”

Jiang Yao asked while reminding Mrs.

Lu about the stairs.

“Idont need anything.

I just wanted to talk.” Mrs.

Lu held Jiang Vao•s hand and sat on a chair by the lawn.

She reached out to pull Jiang Yaos coat and said, “I saw you trying to talk to Xingzhi several times this morning.

Are you upset that hes been so quiet all morning

‘Thats true.

Im not used to him being like that.

Jiang Yao curled her lips.

“Hes always childish when hes in the hospital.” “Because I said something last night that made him unhappy,” Mrs.

Lu said.

“I told him to choose—to transfer or leave the army.

He did not rest well last night either.”


Lu looked at Jiang Yao quietly after she said that.

She noticed Jiang Yaos shocked expression, but there was another side to her emotions.


Lu saw nothing wrong and thought the emotion was joyful.

Jiang Yaos true feelings were hidden behind the joy in her eyes..

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