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Chapter 2237: Whos Asking About This

She wanted to call him back and scold him.

However, Jiang Yao only considered it and did not act on it.

She sat back down and charged her phone.

There was no one coming or going from the hospital corridor.

Jiang Yao slept soundly in her dormitory that night.

She slept until the aroma from the kitchen awakened her.


Jiang was cooking some porridge in the kitchen, and the fragrance drifted into the room.

“Did you put a lot of ingredients in it, Mom” Jiang Yao put on her coat and entered the kitchen to investigate.

“So, mushrooms, vegetables, shredded meat, ham, carrots, and shrimp Did you go shopping this morning”

“No, your teacher sent the shrimp in the morning.

He said that he was aware that you enjoyed seafood.

He bought some shrimp for you because the shrimp in the market today was very fresh.” Mrs.

Jiang smiled and said, “I have never seen a better teacher than your teacher.”

“Now, Xingzhi cant complain about not having any meat, right He can eat seafood, right” Mr.

Jiang asked Jiang Yao.

‘Yes, but he should eat less.” Jiang Yao nodded.

“He can have some this morning.

You can pack his portion.

Ill have breakfast here before I head to the hospital.”

“Go and ask Professor Ouyang if he has eaten yet.

If he hasnt, ask him to eat with you.” Mrs.

Jiang urged Jiang Yao, “Hurry up and wash your face.”

“1t s still early.” Jiang Yao looked at the time.

Morning classes were not that early.

She had to go to the hospital, so Mrs.

Jiang made breakfast very early.

At that time, Professor Ouyang probably had not eaten yet.

After washing her face, Jiang Yao knocked on the opposite door.

When Professor Ouyang heard it, he did not decline the invitation.

He smiled and went to Jiang Yaos place to eat breakfast.

“When will your husband recover” Professor Ouyang asked casually.

Then, he lowered his head, took a sip of the porridge, and praised Jiangs mothers cooking skills.

Professor Ouyang lived in the north when he was young and later moved to Nanjiang City with his parents.

Similar porridge was not popular in Nanjiang City, so that was the first time Professor Ouyang had eaten that, but it was also very delicious.

“Not so quickly, but I will find time to come to university at the end of the semester,” Jiang Yao said.

She also thought that she had to keep an eye on Lu Xingzhi.

If she did not keep an eye on him, he would think about going out to resume training every day after he was discharged from the hospital and returned to the army base.

“Yes, I am quite busy at the end of the semester.” Professor Ouyang was not urging Jiang Yao to return to class.

In any case, he did not think that Jiang Yao would be unable to keep up with the classes, and he felt that Jiang Yaos practical ability was particularly outstanding.

She did not look like a young doctor who had just graduated.

In terms of surgery, he did not have to worry about her.

“Oh, right! Someone is asking me about the Divine Doctors student.

They are asking about you,” Ouyang said.

“Did you help your teacher perform a few surgeries in Jindo City One of them was surgery for amputation.

Later, the patient recovered very well.

He is still as fast as a bird and feels no discomfort.

That person wants to ask if it is possible to reattach the amputated limb.”

“Who is asking about this” Jiang Yao asked, “Is the severed limb in good condition How good is it”

The professor said, “Theyre from the military, and your husband is a soldier as well.

If you want to know more about it, ask him to find out.

Someone surnamed Chen in Lanning seemed to have been injured by an explosion a few days ago on a mission.

He was later sent to the local hospital.

However, the medical standards there were limited, and his limb was amputated..”

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