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Chapter 2234: Consider Your Decision

The Jiang family had pampered Jiang Yao since she was young.

In addition, Lu Xingzhi had always pampered Jiang Yao too.

Therefore, when Mrs.

Lu discovered that Jiang Yao was pregnant, she guessed that Jiang Yao might be even more delicate than before and that her temper would also be more volatile than other pregnant women.

However, that did not happen.

When Lu Xingzhi was in trouble, Jiang Yao calmly took care of everything and took good care of the injured Lu Xingzhi.

If it were not for her gradually growing belly that caused her to change her walking posture, Mrs.

Lu could not even tell that she was pregnant.

Jiang Yao vomited so much that she could not eat anything during the most difficult month of her life.

When she was in pain, however, it was because she was alone.

She never lost her temper with others, and she never threw tantrums.

Why was that the case

It was due to Lu Xingzhis hard work during the day.

She did not want him to work any harder when he got home.

Therefore, Jiang Yao drew a line for herself.

She could be a little more willful within that line, but she would never allow herself to cross the boundary to make Lu Xingzhi tired.


Lu saw everything, but she did not say anything.

That was why she kept telling Lu Xingzhi that Jiang Yao was pregnant and needed to accompany Jiang Yao and coax her a little more.

That girl was actually quite easy to coax.


Lu and Mr.

Lu could travel to Jindo City easily because Jiang Yao had been very sensible.


Lu, on the other hand, thought Jiang Yaos sensible nature made her heart ache.

When she married Mr.

Lu, the familys circumstances were not ideal.

When she was pregnant, her temper was so bad that Mr.

Lu would sometimes be afraid to say anything for an entire day.

However, Jiang Yao was not like that.

Vomiting was extremely unpleasant during pregnancy.

The smell of it made her want to vomit.

She would still want to vomit if she puked until nothing was left in her stomach.

If her body were in pain, she would become even more irritable.

However, Jiang Yao did not throw a tantrum at anyone.

Not once.

It was not that Jiang Yao had a good temper but that she could endure it.

“Xingzhi, think about Yaoyao.

Then make a good decision.

Will you listen to your mother or not” That was the most serious sentence that Mrs.

Lu said to

Lu Xingzhi.

It was late autumn at the university.

A bowl of hot soup could make ones body feel warm.

Qin Qin was a well-rounded person.

Even if it was the first time they met, she could still find a topic to talk to that person.

While chatting with Jiang Yao, she did not neglect her parents, who only had compliments for her.

‘Yaoyaos father and I will be even more at ease with you in that university.” Mrs.

Jiang looked at Qin Qin.

She was also mumbling in her heart.

Was Liang Yuezes brothers brain damaged How could he let go of such a good wife

“Looks like Ill have a friend in the university.

Its not like while I was still studying where I had my classmates.” Jiang Yao smiled bitterly.

She did not have anyone who could be considered a friend at that university.

She was younger than most of the people in the university, but she had seniority.

Other people did not want to approach her.

People like Jing Mengjie, who was older and had a lot of ideas, also did not have anything in common with Jiang Yao..

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