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Chapter 2232: Did I Mishear You


Lus words came out of nowhere and caught Lu Xingzhi off guard.

He was instantly shocked.

However, compared to Lu Xingzhis shock, Mrs.

Lus expression was as indifferent as water.

It was as if the person who had thrown the stone into the water was not her.

It was as if she had not said anything earlier.

It was as if she had not said anything just then.


Lus cold expression almost convinced Lu Xingzhi that he had misheard something and hallucinated.

“Mom, did I hear wrong” Lu Xingzhi asked in disbelief.

“You did not hear me wrongly.

I told you to either change careers or leave the army after you recover.” Mrs.

Lus tone was very firm.

“Im not discussing this with you, nor am I asking for your opinion.

You have a choice.

You can choose between changing careers or leaving the army.

Our family doesnt lack money.

Even if you dont work, we can support you, Yaoyao, and your children.”

“Mom, you were always an open-minded person in the past.” Lu Xingzhi frowned.

“Why did you suddenly ask me to make that choice”

‘Yes, I have always been an open-minded person in the past.

However, I am also a mother.

No matter how open-minded I am, I cant be open-minded enough to watch you die.” Mrs.

Lus eyes slowly reddened.

“You guys kept everything from me.

Even when you went missing, Yaoyao was forced into danger and went to Lanning to save you while she was pregnant.

This time, more than 20 people died while you were on a mission.

Not a single person in the entire team managed to escape unscathed.

There were coun tless serious injuries.

How are you going to make me open-minded”


Lus entire body was trembling at the end of her sentence.

‘You and Yaoyao kept everything from your father and me.

VVhile you and Yaoyao were suffering, your father and I had fun outside.

Do you know that when I think about that, my heart hurts I feel so guilty that I want to slap myself.”

‘Mom, I told Yaoyao not to tell you.

I didnt tell you because I didnt want you and Dad to worry, “Lu Xingzhi explained anxiously.

“Mom, you dont have to blame yourself for that.”

“1 know.

I understand why you hid it from your dad and me.

Just like you said, youre afraid for us.

Youre a good son.

I dont blame you and Yaoyao.” Lu shook her head gently and said, “I feel bad when I think about it.

My son and daughter-in-law were in danger while I was having fun outside.”


Lu was not thinking about that.

She was not an unreasonable person.

When the accident happened, she and her husband were in Jindo City, far away from Lanning and Luo City.

She and her husband were old.

Jiang Yao hid the incident to prevent her and her husband from worrying.


Lu understood that.

Furthermore, if she were Jiang Yao, she would do the same.

That was the thought of a daughter who did not want her father and mother to worry.

“Do you want to ask me why I want you to leave the army base even though I understand that” Mrs.

Lu could tell what Lu Xingzhi was annoyed by from how he frowned.

As a mother, she knew how much her son loved that job and how much he loved that military uniform.

“Is it because of my injury” Lu Xingzhi thought of that.

“But Im fine, right Mom, Im fine.

Yaoyao and I didnt lie to you.

My injury isnt severe.

Ill be discharged after recovering for some time.

My wife said there wouldnt be any side effects..”

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