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Chapter 2229: Compensation For Being Unreasonable

Jiang Yao and Lu Xingzhi had calculated everything, and they had neglected the fact that they had tried their best to hide the truth from Mrs.


However, Mrs.

Lu would learn about everything that had happened from the mouths of others in the army base.

After Mrs.

Lu left, Mr.

Jiang and Mrs.

Jiang did not stay in the hospital for too long.

Lu Xingzhi needed a break, and Jiang Yao also needed a break.

Initially, Mr.

Jiang wanted to stay behind to take care of Lu Xingzhi, but Jiang Yao said there was no need.

Therefore, the two carried the lunch boxes that Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yao had finished and left the hospital.

When the elderly left, the ward was empty and quiet once more.

Lu Xingzhi touched his stomach, sat there, and looked at Jiang Yao with a faint sigh.

“When can I eat meat”

Jiang Yao kept quiet.

She was too lazy to answer his question.

In fact, meat was present at every meal.

It was just that Lu Xingzhi disliked fish, so his parents boiled some soup for him.

He only drank the soup and skipped the fish.

Jiang Yaos stomach was full of fish.

There was fish soup.

Sometimes, there were ribs, chicken soup, duck soup, and so on.

However, there was only soup and no meat.

Lu Xingzhi could not exercise too much every day.

He had to lie on the bed.

Eating too much meat would not help him digest it.

Lu Xingzhi did not want to be constipated.

However, patients who only ate and did not exercise could easily become constipated.

Therefore, he ate three meals daily according to Jiang Yaos arrangements.

“Do you eat meat every day when you are on missions, Lu Xingzhi I recall you saying that even a mouthful of dry food was sufficient during the most difficult times.

Why are you being so obnoxious these days”

‘That was when I was on a mission.

Im here now.” Lu Xingzhis tastes were heavy.

He loved salty and spicy food.

Naturally, he also loved meat.

“I think youd be happy if I gave you some meaty soup now.” Jiang Yao saw Lu Xingzhi sitting there with a stiff expression.

The two of them stared at each other.

In the end, she smiled and walked toward him.

She lowered her head and kissed his lips.

“Is this compensation enough”

“Pfft.” Lu Xingzhi pushed Jiang Yaos face away with a look of disdain.

“That cant even be compared to some meaty soup at noon.”

Without waiting for Jiang Yao to respond, Lu Xingzhi altered his tone and protested, “Is it because of the scar on my face Do you dislike me because I am unattractive I could tell you are a shallow person by your appearance.

You dislike me now that I am not attractive.”

“Dont be unreasonable.” Jiang Yao kicked his uninjured foot.

” Im warning you; enough is enough.”

“Kiss me for a minute.” A certain someone suddenly smiled and pulled the person standing in front of him over to let her sit next to him.

Then, he leaned over and kissed her.

Compared to Jiang Yaos compensation, that passionate kiss satisfied Lu Xingzhi.

When he let go of Jiang Yao and looked at her swollen lips, he smiled and said, “In the future, you will compensate me like that for three meals a day.”

“Arent you afraid of dying ofboredom” Jiang Yao touched her ears.

Fortunately, the doctors and nurses did not need to frequently go to Lu Xingzhis ward.

She and Lu Xingzhi had stayed in that hospital several times.

The doctors and nurses were familiar with the two of them and knew that Jiang Yaos medical skills were good.

Most of the time, she did not even use the medicine in the hospital.

Consequently, very few people would go to the ward.

Otherwise, if people saw how Lu Xingzhi hugged and kissed her, they would think that she and Lu Xingzhi were horny in the ward..

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