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Chapter 2227: Hes Fine

“Mom, hes fine.

Xingzhi was injured during a mission.

Hes in the hospital now.

Youll see him when you get there.

If Xingzhi were seriously injured, would I be in the mood to joke around with Xiaoxiao” She took Mrs.

Lus palm and comforted her.

Then, she asked the three of them to follow her to the hospital.

It was quite a distance from the airport to the hospital.

She drove the car very steadily and only arrived after about 40 minutes.

Jiang Yao knew that Mrs.

Lu and the others were concerned about Lu Xingzhis injury, so she brought them directly to Lu Xingzhis ward.

When they entered, Lu Xingzhi was on the phone.

When he noticed they had entered, he quickly said goodbye and put his phone away.

“Xingzhi, let me look at you.” As soon as Mrs.

Lu put down her luggage, she ran toward Lu Xingzhi and lifted his clothes up and down to look at him.

Lu Xingzhi pulled his pants tightly, his face full of fear.

He was afraid that when Mrs.

Lu got agitated, she would pull his pants to see if his lower body was injured.

‘Mom, its nothing.

Its just a superficial injury.

“Lu Xingzhi hurriedly stepped back.

“Its nothing.

Besides, my wife is such an amazing doctor.

What can happen to me Its just a superficial wound.

Ill be fine after staying in the hospital and recuperating for a while.

“Hes fine.

Dont you think that Xingzhi is in good spirits” Second Uncle Lu heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that Lu Xingzhi was in good spirits.

“Your mom and I were really shocked last night.”

“Brother, your face is injured too” Lu Xiaoxiao noticed the gauze on Lu Xingzhis face at a glance.

“Is it serious

Only then did Mrs.

Lu place her gaze on Lu Xingzhis face.

She reached out to remove the gauze.

When she saw the scar, her tears fell.

Lu Xiaoxiao was also shocked when she saw that.

“What happened You disfigured your handsome just like that”

Lu Xiaoxiao had only been in the north for a short period, but she was already speaking with an accent.

Jiang Yao laughed.

“Listen to yourself.” Second Uncle Lu raised his hand and hit Lu Xiaoxiao on the forehead.

“Its fine.

Its okay even if Brother gets disfigured.

Jiang Yao wont mind him.

Besides, he doesnt rely on his face to make a living.” Lu Xiaoxiao nudged Mrs.


“Aunty, dont be sad.

Look at him; hes fine.

Its just a superficial wound.

Dont cry.

Lu Xiaoxiao tried to coax Mrs.


She had lost her mother when she was young.


Lus role in her life was that of a mother.

So when she saw Mrs.

Lu crying, she felt terrible.

Her personality made her more willing to be a monkey that could make her elders laugh.

“1ts okay, Mom.” Jiang Yao quickly responded.

“Everythings fine now.

Hell be discharged from the hospital in a while and can go home to recuperate.”

“How long is a while”

That question was not asked by Mrs.

Lu, Second Uncle Lu, or Lu Xiaoxiao.

Instead, it was asked by Lu Xingzhi, who had been standing there silently.

Jiang Yao could not help but roll her eyes at Lu Xingzhi.

“When youre discharged from the hospital, youre not allowed to jump around without my permission.”

“Jump around” Lu Xingzhi was very dissatisfied.

“The one jumping around is a monkey, like Xiaoxiao..”(continued read on Bon novel.com)

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