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Chapter 2226: Mixed Emotions

“Mixed emotions.” Liang Yueze clicked his tongue.

“My elder brother and sister-in-law are getting a divorce.”

Jiang Yao did not know what to say.

She was familiar with Liang Yueze, but she was not very familiar with Liang Yuezes elder brother and sister-in-law.

However, Liang Yuekais wife had always struck Jiang Yao as a particularly elegant and noble lady.

Every movement she made revealed that she was a well-educated young woman from a wealthy family.

She was always cheerful, as if she was born without a temper.

She was exceptionally skilled in caring for others.

No one would dislike her, even if it were the first time they interacted with her.

“My grandfather said that he brought Big Brother and me out when we were young.

Once, when we passed by the bridge, a fortune teller said our future marriages would be troubled.

He immediately beat up the fortune teller.

He said that this might have happened because of what he did back then.” Liang Yueze felt helpless.

He felt that the old man was just spouting nonsense out of anger, but the old man sounded as if he was telling the truth.

“Your elder brother and sister-in-law seemed fine before this.

They were very courteous toward each other.

Why the sudden decision” Jiang Yao asked.

“Yes, theyve been married for many years, and Ive never seen them fight or even speak loudly.

But at the same time, Ive never seen them behave intimately with each other.

Theyre like strangers.

Their interactions always seem cold.”

Jiang Yao was unfamiliar with Liang Yuekai and his wife, so she could not comment on that.

Jiang Yao asked about Luo Ruoran.

“What about the woman who tried to come between you and Sister Ruoran Her play seemed so smooth.

If I hadnt seen the photo she sent to Sister Ruoran, we wouldnt have known that that person existed.”

“111 tell you more next time.

I have other things to attend to now.

” Liang Yueze was grateful to Jiang Yao.

If it were not for Jiang Yao, he and Luo Ruoran would not have reconciled so quickly.

A villain behind the scenes had instigated them.

Both of them had strong personalities and were proud.

Neither of them was willing to lower their defenses first, which resulted in the subsequent events.

Jiang Yao was also aware that Liang Yueze had been extremely busy recently.

There were matters concerning the Liang family in addition to those concerning his company, so she acknowledged and hung up the phone.

Jiang Yao waited for Mrs.

Lu for about half an hour outside the airport.

Jiang Yao realized Second Uncle Lu and Lu Xiaoxiao were also with her.

‘Mom, Second Uncle.” Jiang Yao greeted her elders first before turning to look at Lu Xiaoxiao, who had lost weight.

She exclaimed,Xiaoxiao, you look like youve lost weight.”

“0f course!” Lu Xiaoxiao proudly showed off her slender arms and legs.

“Jiang Lei and my dad have been so busy recently that they dont have time to care about me.

Ive lost weight quickly without Jiang Leis annoying temptation to cook delicious food daily.

After saying that, Lu Xiaoxiao asked again, “1 heard my brother was injured.

Was it serious

‘Yes, Yaoyao.

Is Xingzhis injury serious” Mrs.

Lus brows had not relaxed since she got off the plane.

‘You mentioned that Xingzhi is in the hospital and that hes fine.

Then, you said nothing else.

My heart has been hanging on for an entire night and morning..

Whats the situation now

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