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Chapter 2225: How Are Things

In that world, the most painful thing for the living was not the death of a young family member but the death of a young family member who had massive debts.

The dead would stay dead while the living had to live with the deceaseds leftover problems.

When the old man was younger, he was a fearsome general.

He was arrogant and unyielding, and he got to live to his old age.

It was fine that the Qian family was destroyed, but the incident had also incurred a large amount of debt that he could not repay.

Other members of the Qian family had died, but Qian Yunen could no longer return to the country, and there was no way he could repent.

As the only member of the Qian family, the old man could only use that method to atone for the sins of the Qian family.

He was old, and it was not until he was old that he realized that living sometimes required courage.

“Before committing suicide, the old man left a letter for Old Master Chen.

In the letter, Old Man Qian stated that he lacked the words to confront the soldiers who had died as a result of the Qian familys actions.

His life could not even compensate for the most innocent Zhou family, so he could only atone for his sins by visiting the Zhou familys grave.”

When Old Master Qian was alive, he was a soldier as well.

He had risen from humble beginnings to reach his position and established numerous military merits.

He was also a person who had grown from humble beginnings.

As a result, he understood bloody storms and heroic sacrifices.

Those dead soldiers were their familys treasure too.

They were also an essential member of their family.

Some of them were husbands and fathers.

Their deaths disintegrated families.

It was painful, but Old Master Qian had experienced it firsthand.

“Old Master Qian also mentioned that, if possible, he could use his body to draw Qian Yunen out.

Old Master Qian didnt know much about Qian Yunen as he didnt pay much attention to him.

He said that he regretted the decision.”

“Give Old Master Qian a proper burial.”

Jiang Yao was adamant.

“Qian Yunen will not appear.”

Even if Qian Yunen wanted to do that, he would not have the chance.

Nobody would let Qian Yunen appear at that point.

After all, Qian Yunen knew far too much.

“Didnt Lu Xingzhi mention that”

Liang Yueze was not surprised.

“He did tell me some things, but not everything.

He refused to tell me everything.

I wanted to ask you, but I knew it would be a waste of time.” Jiang Yao sighed.

“You would never tell me that.

How are you and Sister Ruoran doing”

“We have made amends.”

When Luo Ruoran was mentioned, Liang Yuezes tone lightened.

“The family is looking at dates to register our marriage again.”

“Well done!” Jiang Yao was overjoyed.

“Will there be a reception

Congratulations! It is a joyous occasion.”

They had no idea things would turn out that way when they parted.

Liang Yueze was delighted that his wife had returned with their child.

“I am sure your parents are overjoyed, right” The Liang family members loved Luo Ruoran.

She had even given birth to their grandchild.

Perhaps they would favor Luo Ruoran and their eldest grandson over their son, Liang Yueze..

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