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Chapter 2220: Lie To Me

Jiang Yao walked in and glared at Lu Xingzhi as she snatched the newspaper away from him.

“Dont you know how to act Look at the sweat on your forehead! The newspaper is still upside down, and your breathing hasnt even calmed.

Do you think Im stupid”

Lu Xingzhi did not dare to play around as he used to since Jiang Yao was clearly annoyed.

Instead, he apologized profusely for his error.

“This will never happen again.”

“Will it happen again Are you acting, or are you not following the doctors orders Do you believe I cant hurt you, Lu Xingzhi” Jiang Yao was in a rage.

She raised her hand and smacked Lu Xingzhis foot.

“I will give you sleeping tablets every day if you force my hand! I will give you three to five months to sleep.

Lets check if you are still as nasty as you are now.”

“What did Du Chen call you about” Lu Xingzhi asked.

Jiang Yao gave him a sidelong glance.

He should not assume she was unaware he was changing the subject.

“Is he talking to you about the Zhou Family” Lu Xingzhi was not discouraged.

He continued the topic that he had brought up.

“The whole country is paying attention to the case, including the various departments in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

They are also negotiating and cooperating with various countries.

Once there is any trace of Qian Yunen, the countries will cooperate with our people to carry out cross-border arrests.

Sooner or later, Qian Yunen will be brought to justice.”

“Youre just trying to trick me.” Jiang Yao glanced at Lu Xingzhi.

Those words sounded particularly convincing.

If she had not coincidentally overheard the conversation between him and Shao Fucheng that day, Jiang Yao would have been deceived.

“Du Chen informed me that Old Master Qian was recently discharged from the hospital.

He oversaw the funeral for the Zhou family.” Old Master Qian was the last of the Qian family members.

The tragedy of the Zhou family was caused by his illegitimate grandson.

Old Master Qian took over the Zhou familys affairs out of shame.

No one in the Zhou family would dare to assist as long as Qian Yunen was not apprehended.

Everyone was terrified that the murderer, who acted like a lunatic, would target the rest of the Zhou family members.

“Poor Old Master Qian.” Lu Xingzhi groaned.

“Old Master Qian was like Old Master Liang and Old Master Chen in the earlier half of his life.

He was a general.

Regrettably, the younger generation is inept.”

“It is not that the younger generation is incompetent; it is that they are wicked.

Why cant Qian Yunen be kind He is quite capable.

He can even go to heaven!

Qian Zhibin is equally capable.

Their wealth rivals that of a country! Qian Zhibins lover is likewise talented.

The mother and son could have achieved so much.

Everyone in Yuan City despised them; they are morally bankrupt,” Jiang

Yao said.

Every word was full of sarcasm toward the members of the Qian family.

Lu Xingzhi stroked Jiang Yaos hair and patted her head.

“Your hair is getting longer.”

“I want to cut it.” Jiang Yao purposefully smiled and leaned against Lu Xingzhis body, her head swaying.

Lu Xingzhis face grew pale when he heard Jiang Yao intended to cut her hair.

“Ill do as you say.

I wont run around again.

Please dont cut your hair.

I promise not to anger you again.”

Jiang Yaos mind went blank.

She noticed Lu Xingzhi was a little agitated as she looked up.

She burst out laughing right away.

Was he under the impre ssion that she wanted to cut her hair because she was upset with him

Why would she think such things

“You are not allowed to cut it.” Lu Xingzhi affectionately massaged Jiang Yaos hair.

“‘It is not easy for you to maintain it for so long..

Do you want to cut it just like that Dont you ladies adore your hair”

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