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Chapter 2210: I Like It

Jiang Yao had always had a pleasant temper.

Even if she had a bad temper from time to time, it would pass fast.

She would argue with him during the day and then was back to being his gentle wife in the evening.

“In the future, if you are unhappy, you can hit or criticize me,” Lu Xingzhi replied abruptly.

“Just get it out of your heart.”

“Do not ignore me either,” he said again.

Jiang Yao was instantly amused.

She shook the cotton swab in her hand and sprayed water all over Lu Xingzhis face.

“Why do you talk so much Go to sleep.

It is past midnight.”

Lu Xingzhi had no desire to sleep.

He shook his head.

“If you are tired, go to bed.

I am going to touch the baby.”

Jiang Yao put down the thing in her hand and lay down beside him.

She took the initiative to take his hand and put it on her stomach.

The infant in her stomach seemed to sense something and suddenly kicked Lu Xingzhis palm the minute his hand touched her belly.

Lu Xingzhis expression, which had been rather natural at first, abruptly transformed.

“Am I dreaming”

Lu Xingzhis surprised face was trembling as he spoke, trying to control his feelings.

1–1is hand, though, remained firmly on Jiang Yaos tummy.

He would have prompted his ear closer if Jiang Yao had not stared at him.

“Its not a dream; its a prenatal movement.

” Jiang Yaos voice had a slight smirk when she reported fetal movement.

“Our son is animated.

He would occasionally flex his limbs and legs.

When Jiang Yao mentioned the baby, her smile grew.

“Do you know when the baby first moved”

“When” Lu Xingzhi could not take his gaze away from Jiang Yaos tummy, and his interest was genuine.

“When I was nagging and lecturing the baby about you.” Jiang Yao laughed heartily.

“1 was an asshole when I spoke about the babys father.

Look, the baby is moving again!”

Inquisitively, Jiang Yao placed her hand on the back of Lu Xingzhis hand and muttered, “Lu Xingzhi is a b*stard.”

A certain b*stard cast a longing glance at his wife, who was relishing her reprimand.

His eyes were deep, with a tinge of disappointment and resentment.read on our website B o n n o v e l.com.Thanks

So the wife was conversing with the infant while he was away

“Do not speak of those things again.” Lu Xingzhi kissed Jiang Yaos hand.

“Otherwise, what if the childs first words in the future are that Lu Xingzhi is a b*stard”

Jiang Yaos lips widened with delight.

“If that is the case, I will adore him even more.”

Lu Xingzhi wanted to bite her.

He let out his frustration by gently biting Jiang

Yaos fingertip.

“Well attend a prenatal education when we get back.”

“Didnt you mention you wanted the child to study medicine in the future I can teach him.

We should start while hes young,” Jiang Yao said.

Jiang Yao withdrew her hand from Lu Xingzhis.

Looking at the bite mark on her fingertip and his saliva on it, Jiang Yao pretended to be disgusted and wiped her saliva on his clothes.

Lu Xingzhi regarded Jiang Yaos childlike actions with adoration.

He gave her a suggestive look, satisfied with himself.

“Do you like the name Lu Chenyang, Yaoyao” Lu Xingzhi inquired abruptly.

Jiang Yaos breathing stopped.

After a few seconds, she nodded gently.

“I do..”

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