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Chapter 2204: Cant Bear To Do It

[Yaoyao, I cant let them, or rather, we cant die in vain.]

Lu Xingzhis emotions were not expressed in those few words, but Jiang Yao could imagine them.

He knew Ah Sheng was already dead, but he refused to believe it and even requested for her to treat Ah Sheng first.

She had never seen an irrational Lu Xingzhi before.

She assumed it was because of Ah Sheng and his friendship at the time.

She knew it was because he had seen too many comrades die in the previous few days, and he was afraid of losing another.

He had to be in a lot of pain at the time.

He had to have been desperate, and he had to have blamed himself.

[Yaoyao, I was more concerned with you at the time than my parents or our unborn child.]

[I cant even imagine how you will survive in that world without me.]

[I really want to tell you that if I die, you should forget about me, but I cant write that while you are pregnant.]

[If you want to be selfish, be selfish.

But dont forget about me.

Leave a room in your heart for me.]

[Fortunately, our son will be with you.

Let him take care of you in my place.]

[I have also thought of a name for our son.

Lu Chenyang.

What do you think Is it a good name]

[Maybe he can study medicine when he grows up and become as good a doctor as you.]

[Its a pity that I dont have a beautiful daughter.

She would be as pretty and as likable as you.

But it is a good thing also as I would have one less person to miss.]

[Yaoyao, you can be sad for a while, but you cant be sad for too long.

Take care of yourself, take care of our child, and please take care of our parents.]

[I always feel like I havent had enough fun with you in this life, and I have to say goodbye to you.

I cant bear to part with you.]

[Yaoyao, because of you, I believe that people will have an afterlife.]

[So, Yaoyao, remember, you have to be my wife in our next lives too! That is what we agreed on.]

Jiang Yaos tears almost soaked the letter.

Was he not 1–lades Lu Who agreed to be his wife in the afterlife

He said that she had agreed.

Who was willing to remember him for the next ten or twenty years, and remember him for the rest of his life

Jiang Yao wiped her tears as she cursed.

“Why did you not write just a few short lines like the note you gave me in my previous life, asking me to marry someone else”

Would she let him go Could he continue writing

Once she got him, she could not bear to let him go no matter what, right

She could not bear to have another man walk into her life and replace his position, right

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