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Chapter 219: Postpone the Meeting

They were both beginners in this.

Since it was the first time she was exposed to these theoretical syllabi, she found it very hard to understand, so why did Jiang Yao find it easy and simple

Jiang Yao did not even take notes during lecture, it was very impressive that she passed the college entrance examination with flying colors.

Wen Xuehui recalled those days of torment when she had to take notes vigorously in every class, and she suddenly felt that the Creator was unfair in Its production.

Jiang Yao hooked her lips into a faint smile without saying anything.

She shared the same hardship like Wen Xuehui too in high school.

She was not a prodigy, to begin with.

Just like all high school students, she took notes in every class and revised them over and over again.

Her high school life was equally tough at that time.

“Having a curve wrecker as a friend is such an unfortunate thing for me, the study slacker.

I want you to know that Im seriously hurt by you,” Wen Xuehui pouted, then, she pointed at Jiang Yaos bag.

“Your phones ringing.”

“Oh,” Jiang Yao said and slowly retrieved her phone.

It was very unlikely that Lu Xingzhi would call her at this hour, so she did not know who else it could be.

Looking at the number of the screen, it was from an unknown caller but it was from Nanjiang City, Jiang Yao answered it.

The caller was the director of the hospital himself.

He called to inform Jiang Yao that the shareholders meeting will be held at 3.30 pm at the hospital.

“Im not available at 3.30! Postpone it to 5, and have someone come to fetch me at my universitys main entrance at 4.40 pm,” Jiang Yao uttered coldly.

What did they think they were doing She, the majority shareholder, had not even said anything about a meeting, how dare those minority shareholders decide to hold a meeting on their own

They even had the nerve to merely inform her about the meeting instead of asking for her opinion!

Were they trying to overpower her, or even overturn her What was the hurry

“Miss Jiang, 5 pm is a little late, dont you think Why dont you…” The director stuttered, trying to negotiate with Jiang Yao.

“I have classes until 4.20 pm, I need to go back to my dorm to make some preparations, and it takes time from the college to the hospital.

My final answer is five.

If they cant wait, then postpone it to Saturday! Those minorities are very diligent in holding meetings, huh I, as the majority shareholder, havent even said anything about a meeting.

Tell them, if they cant wait until 5 pm, I wont go.

I want to see what kind of meeting they will have if Im not present!”

Jiang Yao ended the call right away, she did not give the director any chance to speak again.

She felt the wrath of fury burning inside her as soon as the director told her about the shareholders meeting.

They did not even have someone ask her first before scheduling the meeting, it proved that they did not take her seriously.

They believed that she was still too young to know any better.

Staring at the phone, the director turned to the few shareholders who were standing in front of him and said with a helpless look on his face, “Miss Jiang wants to postpone the meeting to five.”

“What!” Mr.

Qin growled and slammed the table furiously.

“Who is she to decide the time of the meeting What else can we discuss at 5 pm She might as well suggest that we come here to have dinner together and go home right after!”


Qin, Miss Jiang is still a student, she has classes in the afternoon.

She also suggested that we can postpone the meeting to Saturday.”

The director wiped the cold sweat on his forehead nervously.

Ever since the Qi family had transferred their equity to Miss Jiang, he felt that his position as the director of this hospital was shaky and turbulent.

Initially, he thought that as soon as the equity transfer agreement was signed, Miss Jiang would convene a shareholders meeting immediately, take the position of chairman as the majority shareholder, and then expel him from the position of the director.

To his surprise, Miss Jiang did not do anything of that sort, yet these minority shareholders already had ants in their pants.

“Damn it! That young girl is so ignorant!”

Smart people could interpret some useful information from a persons expression and tone when they talk on the phone.

Although the director conveyed Jiang Yaos message euphemistically, Mr.

Feng, the other shareholder, could tell that when the director was talking to that bratty girl over the phone, her tone was unpleasant and rude.


Feng and Mr.

Qin were the initiators of the shareholders meeting.

Although they did not know what kind of relationship she had with the Qi family that they would suddenly transfer all their equity to her, they were convinced that the girl could be easily manipulated.

What could a freshman do anyway

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