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Chapter 2193: He Has Already Passed

Both of their palms were gently pressed against the same spot on the hay.

The wind in the grassland was light, so light that she could hear the person inside breathing.

“Sister, let me help you move the haystack.

The uncles are injured.

One of them is already asleep, and he wont wake up no matter how loud I call him.” The little boy climbed onto the carriage using his hands.

He was very strong.

Very quickly, he pushed the bales of hay onto the ground.

Jiang Yao helped from the side.

After Master Cheng and the others caught up, they began to move the hay as well.

The person hidden by the hay was gradually revealed.

Lu Xingzhis injuries were severe.

Even though he knew that Jiang Yao was there, he could only lean against the hay and breathe lightly.

His vision improved until he could see her.

She had lost weight, but her stomach was a little bigger.

She was standing there quietly, looking at him, crying.

“Dont cry.” He had to use all his strength just to say those two words.

Jiang Yao wiped away her tears and nodded obediently.

She raised her hand to pull Lu Xingzhi out, but he just shook his head.

“Yaoyao, can you save him” he asked, turning to face his comrade beside him.

“Save him.

I can still hold on.

Jiang Yao looked at Lu Xingzhi with some reluctance.

Then, she took some medicine and gave it to the little boy so that he could feed Lu Xingzhi.

Then, she checked on the person beside Lu Xingzhi, who had not moved at all.

The persons face was so pale that it seemed like he did not have any blood in him.

Jiang Yao asked the system to scan him as she reached out to check.

However, when she touched the persons skin, she was stunned.

“He…” Jiang Yao bit her lip.

“He is already dead.”

His body was cold.

There was no sign of life.

“Maybe hes not dead Can you try to save him” Lu Xingzhi pushed the unconscious man and shouted, “Ah Sheng, get up.

Youre a man.

Dont just lie there.

Didnt you say that you wanted to see if my wife is as beautiful as I told you Open your eyes and see if I was lying.

Jiang Yaos heart ached.

She had heard of that man.

He was Lu Xingzhis classmate from the military academy.

The last time she and Lu Xingzhi went to Lanning, Lu Xingzhi lamented that it was a pity that his friend had been away on a mission.

He did not know when they would be able to meet again.

“Xingzhi.” Jiang Yao reached out and grabbed Lu Xingzhis hand, pushing the hand of the person who had passed.

“He has already left, and I cant save him anymore.

Perhaps I can try if he was alive, but he is no longer alive.

Im sorry.”

She could not save his friend, no matter how good her medical skills were.

She was unable to bring him back from the dead.

Lu Xingzhi seemed to be in a daze.

His eyes fell on the comrade beside him.

He was in a trance, distant and heavy.

After a long while, he looked at Jiang Yao.

He stretched his hands toward her and said weakly, “Let me hug you.”

Jiang Yao did not say anything as she leaned into his embrace.

There was the smell of blood on his body.

His wound must have been still bleeding, but she could smell the medicine she had given him.

He must have taken it..

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