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Chapter 218: Notes Not Needed

“I am sick of eating dried fish for lunch every day! No more dried fish for me, you hear it” Moe complained loudly.

“How about cat food I remember there are still some left in my drawer.” Jiang Yao pointed at her desk.

“Take it if you want to eat.

Hey, get your paws off me, I am running late!”

“That is even worse than dried fish! I am not eating that too!” Moe thought about it, and with a quick movement, jumped up Jiang Yaos shoulder and stood there.

“I am going to class with you.

Wake me up when you are eating lunch, I want to see what you are having.”

Not being able to do anything else, Jiang Yao put Moe into her bag and took off.

She got herself some breakfast at the cafeteria before arriving at class.

This was the first time Jiang Yao had arrived at a class right on time.

Looking at the mass of people in the crowded classroom, she spent a good minute before finally seeing Wen Xuehui.

“You were almost late!” Wen Xuehui did not cut Jiang Yao any slack.

“I thought you overslept.

Today is our first official class of the semester.

You are going to get famous again if you are late!”

Every student that was admitted into Nanjiang Medical University had good work ethics.

One would not find any students late to class nowadays, more so at such a prestigious school like Nanjiang Medical University.

“Thats all thanks to him!” Jiang Yao stuffed her bag into the drawer right below her table.

She got Moe out, putting him next to her bag.

Wen Xuehui blurted out, “Why did you bring him here” Even as she was saying that, she stretched her hands out and gently stroked Moe.

Moes favorite person in the entire hostel had to be Wen Xuehui, even more so than Jiang Yao.

Feeling Wen Xuehuis touch, Moe rubbed his head against her palm and purred softly.

Jiang Yao knew better, though, that Moe liked being held in Wen Xuehuis arm the most.

She stole a glance at Wen Xuehuis chest and then looked down at her own.

Darn that perverted cat, choosing the person with the bigger bust!

Jiang Yao mused.

She was not bothered at all nonetheless.

At least she was not flat-chested.

Plus, Lu Xingzhi had no qualms at all, preferring her cup size over anyone elses.

The lessons taught in university was too simple for someone like Jiang Yao.

Instead, she used the time in class to access the Medical System and learn from it.

She wanted to understand the herbs and concoctions that could be used to create a medicine for Mrs.

Chen as soon as possible.

Her consciousness withdrew from the Medical System just as the class ended.

She looked at Wen Xuehui, who was giving her back a good stretch.

Their gazes met and they smiled at each other.

“Let me have a look at the notes you made.” Wen Xuehui turned her gaze to Jiang Yaos book on the table.

Surprised at seeing an empty book, even though Jiang Yao was listening to the lessons taught intently, Wen Xuehui asked, “Wait, you didnt write down anything”

“My notebook is right here, my brain.” Jiang Yao pointed at her head.

“Furthermore, the contents of this class are easy.

We are freshmen, so these are just introductory lessons.” She continued, “If I can remember everything, I dont need to write it down.

Any further questions I have, I could go do my own research and get them answered.”

“So, this was how you got through school before coming here” Wen Xuehui looked at Jiang Yao, suddenly having the urge to find out how exactly was her brain made.

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